Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Burps & Giggles @ Ipoh

I am someone who love heritage building.
Especially some abandoned buildings that is old and almost collapse.
These heritage buildings will recall my childhood memories.
I have been staying with my grandparents since small until I enrol in Primary school, and we have been staying together in this kind of old houses.
Unfortunately, When Penang was still under BN, the government decided to chase us out and take it back and list it as UNESCO Heritage Site, repainted the old house and just left it there do nothing.

Ok I guess that's all about my grandmother stories, let's get back to our topic.
Today I'm gonna blog about a very nice place that I've went during my last Ipoh Trip with Criz.
This place is called Burps & Giggles, even from the name of the cafe would attract you cause it just sounded so tricky.
Burps & Giggles is actually part of the project where the whole area were linked and formed into a hotel and F&B outlets, the next Ipoh's main attraction.

This is the where you can see Burps & Giggles, a very old building

Heard from Criz that this cafe last time was named as Buku Tiga Lima.

They also Flea Market when I was there

They have different menus and availability will be different too
Operating hours

This place is really cozy and bring back memories.
They even have some artworks painted on their walls

I name this 2 SEXY ON THE BEACH!

You will be seeing signs around because Burps & Giggles is only a part of this whole project, there are other cafes and also a hotel around.

Very nice DIY decorations hanging on the ceiling

Can you spot the OWL?

Do you know what are these? The BUKU TIGA LIMA!
This book is famous for olden time where people use to jot down the regular customers' debts

Menus will be on the wall, there are a few parts of the cafe that serve different food

This is where we ordered our coffee and desserts

Blueberry Cheese Cake
I would consider this as one of the best cheese cake I had ever, it is quite smooth it will not be too cheesy that some cheese cake would make you feel like it is too thick or fattening. PERFECTO!
Highly recommended!

Caramel Cheese Cake
This also made me feels like heaven! Caramel is something that I love all these while, though it is sweet. But Caramel with cheese is a great match and it can really make you feel like having more after one piece!
Highly recommended!

Chicken Fennel
The pie was kinda soft and it has strong taste of fennel. It was quite big piece and kinda filling too!

Coco Chanel
It tasted rather special and this is my first time trying this dessert. It was kinda chewy and just nice for a tea break. As for me, I feel that this dessert was a little bit too dry.

(RM 10)
I always love latte art on my coffee, and the made a great heart for me! <3 p="">
Just that it might be a little bit of overpriced for a small cup of coffee

(RM 10)
Another love! <3 p="">
Their mocha has really strong taste of chocolate and I love it!

(Rasberry fillings, Cempedak fillings, Chocolate fillings, Red Bean fillings)
This is my first time trying so many special flavours for macaroons, I personally find that the Rasberry and Cempedak tasted rather special! As for Red Bean and Chocolate, it is quite light in taste)

When I was heading to the toilet, I laugh a bit for these words

This place is always crowded so far as I heard, and it is really cozy and warm.

I didn't leave the place immediately, I tour around and took some pictures, these are all I got below.

Peeking at Marilyn 

*Poke poke* what is that?

Shopping around!

Then there are very nice old walls which is just great for photography!

Walking around here really made me miss my grandparents, a lot!

Posing at all these pictures is really fun, thanks Mango for all these pictures.

Burps & Giggles is really a nice place to chill, guess I would have drop by here whenever I go to Ipoh.
Plus, bringing my camera and taking pictures around!
Hopefully this place will maintain like this forever, I just love this place!

Burps & Giggles
Address: 93 & 95 Jalan Sultan Yussuf 30000 Ipoh, Perak
Phone: 05-242 6188
Business hours: Daily 8:30 am - 8:00 pm (Closed on Tuesday)
GPS: 4.59640, 101.07723

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