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Dining at Suffolk House @ Air Itam, Penang " Latest Menu Update

I've heard much about Suffolk House but I still have yet to try.
Finally I get the chance to pay a visit and dine there.
Recently, they have brought over a chef which previously worked at Royal Albert Hall.
At the same time, they came out with the new menus to let people try something different!

Suffolk House is an important Georgian Mansion which was built on the estate of Sir Francis Light.
It is an old mansion that existed since the 19th century and it was also know as the first Great House in Penang. After years and years of restoration, Suffolk House has finally came back to it's glory!

Suffolk House is located behind Methodist Boys School, which was quite hidden. You have to look carefully into the road signs to get to Suffolk House.

The glorious of the Mansion is back after the restoration.
Can you believe that this building have hundreds years of history?

Walked into the building and welcomed found something.

This is the Model of Suffolk House 

I've heard about their afternoon tea a lot. But still have yet to try =(

They have different table set ups to cater to different occasions and needs of customers

Those are the awards that they won over all these years.
Well, they were Malaysia's Best Restaurant back in 2011

They also have private rooms for big group of people 

Wouldn't it be good just to bring your love one and dine together?

 Now enough talks, let the fine dining begins!

We were served with their homemade breads, it was really good that the bread is so warm inside and crispy on the outside!

Amuse Bouche
(Scallop, Confit Smoked Salmon, Coffee Oil)
Scallop is always my favourite, I never knew that it went so well with smoked salmon that I would like to have more after my first bite. It tasted good in coffee oil too. Something that I have never expected.

(Fresh Leaf with Herbs, Cucumber and Elderflower Jelly)
This salad was kinda sour as they use fresh lemon for dressing. This is my first time having elderflower jelly and it tasted rather special to me. I guess this salad should have it together with the bread else it would be too sour for me.

(Pumpkin and Honey Bisque, Spiced Sour Cream Asparagus, Truffled Mascarpone)
I'm new to asparagus soup but I guess the next time I would order asparagus soup too other than pumpkin soup or mushroom soup. It possess a strong taste of asparagus and cream but it was really creamy and I love it!
Highly recommended!

Pumpkin soup is my all time favourite as mushroom soup have become too mainstream.
The pumpkin soup here tasted rather special and I can taste something like curry in it. I'm not sure whether is it something wrong with my taste bud but I'm kinda into this pumpkin soup. Something extraordinary and I have never tasted before.

(Apple, Lime and Wasabi)
Have you heard about adding sorbet that added wasabi in it?
Well I'm totally feeling awkward when I heard that there are wasabi inside this sorbet.
It is kinda refreshing and it became a very nice mouth watering dish to get you ready for main courses!

They also have a bar at the backyard.

Loin of Lamb, Fondant Potato, Chick Peas with Cumin
When it is about lamb, some people may be afraid of the smell of lamb. But what I can tell u is that this lamb loin is totally good and kinda juicy. You will also fall in love with the chick peas that was nicely cooked with cumin, together with the potatoes that was soft and nice.
Highly recommended!

Duck Breast, Watercress Pesto, Red Cabbage Marmalade, Pommes Puree
Duck is my all time favourite too. Especially when it is juicy and tender. 
There are three layers on this dish, the duck breast meat, Pommes Puree and the bottom one is Red Cabbage Marmalade. Every layer tasted different with its speciality, you have to all three layers together to form a perfect combination and that's the point of this dish.
By the way, the duck breast is really juicy and tender, which is what I like the most!
Highly recommended!

Salmon and Scallop, Caviar, Cucumber, Wasabi Beurre Blanc
The salmon has grilled to perfection and the skin was so crispy. We were told about the edible silver that we have to eat it as soon as possible because it can melt easily. As usual, salmon always taste good with wasabi.
What really attracts me in this dish was the caviar, it is my favourite food too. There is only one minus point here was the asparagus was a little bit overcooked
Must try!

Boneless Cornish Hen with a Corn Quartet
This is the last main course we had, and also my first time seeing popcorns on the main course. There is this thick Cornish Hen that was quite filling, from the first glance, we thought that it could be dry and hard. But we were wrong, it was rather moist and tender!
Must try! Especially corn lovers!

Dessert time!
Now not only ladies always have empty spaces for desserts, gentlemen too!

Burnt Lemon Tart, Strawberry Soup
I wasn't sure whether is there anything wrong with the tart, but it was really hard that we can't even cut with spoons. Ended up Brandon took a bite and left half of it to me.
What I really like in this dessert was the strawberry soup, it wasn't sour and it went well with the tart, like how the waitress told us about how to have this dessert.

Chocolate Cremeuse, Banana Ice Cream and Salted Peanuts
The chocolate cremeuse was kinda good, so do the banana ice cream. They went kinda good together and that explains why some people make chocolate banana cake. It was kinda sweet but the salted peanut just solve the sweetness.

Suffolk House Butter Fudge with Vanilla Salt
This is really one of the best desserts I have ever tasted, something like what I've had in 32 at the Mansion before! The sweetness of Butter Fudge blended kinda well with Vanilla Salt and it feels like heaven when it you put it into your mouth and it melts! I had 3 pieces alone!
Highly recommended!

We also get to interview the chef, Mr. Gordon Robertson.
That day were also the lady's (on the picture) birthday, we all wished her Happy Birthday and that put a smile on her face. She was really friendly and helpful in explaining all the dishes to us and taught us a lot of stuffs.

Last but not least, I would also recommend Suffolk House as venue for wedding, private events, parties or any special occasions!
They have such a big space to caters to all your needs, you can see the below pictures for all the past events held at Suffolk House.
All the pictures taken from Suffolk House's Official Facebook Page.

Suffolk House
Address: 250 Jalan Air Itam, 10460 Penang, Malaysia
Phone: 04-228 3930
GPS: 5.410361, 100.306183

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