Friday, October 11, 2013

Talent Corp SFCF October 2013 @ Dewan Utama Pelajar, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

There was a career fair happened last week at Dewan Utama Pelajar, a chance where you can choose your career for your future!
Sometimes students may feel lost when they are getting towards the end of their studies and some of them may not have someone to guide them along. Therefore SFCF is now giving the public especially studentsa good guide to the career path, leading them to get on track and pursue with their dream job.
At this round, there are around 30 companies participated at SFCF, from small to big industries and from local to multinational companies.

There were banners hanging everywhere around the corner telling people about this SFCF

The registration booth

They are kinda creative and environmental friendly though for creating this simple mascot. 

We also registered ourselves in here. 

Then we were given this cute sticker, btw I attended this Career Fair with Xherlyn

 Walked into the fair and started to go around all the booths. 

 There were also Industry Careers Quiz, generally about different field.

There were a lot of participants, to try their luck and want to win some goodies. 

Most of them are students, who were there to find their right career path

Basically there were a lot of people queue up for the quiz, who doesn't want free gift right?

Students can also obtain information from TalentCorp about their ideal jobs.

I also join the fun and took part at the quiz. Too bad I only got 7 correct out of 10 questions.

Shelyn Ooi also took part in the quiz!

They are all friendly and ready to provide assistance whenever people approach.

There are also different sectors that will provide different information for all the students

Basically there are person in charge standing infront of the booth waiting for students or anyone that approach them 

This is an industry about healthcare, I was there early and no one is around yet.

Pfizer booth, waiting for all the talented people to join them

Hotayi is hiring most of engineering department and technician people.

Even Fitness industry also involved in this Career Fair

Education industry is also part of SFCF, but there were no one around at that time.

Wow, those top fashion brands are hiring!

 Toy Manufacturer! Mattel

There are a lot of vacancies in Southern Steel

You can simply prepare your resume and photocopy more copies to drop at their booth

Rubber Factory, also a lot of opportunities

All the booths here encourage every fresh graduate to join their family

Telekom Malaysia, TM is looking for talented people to join them too!

This is the one that could attract me, WWF.
They were giving a lot of information on how to help with Wild Life and protect our animals and environment.

Pharmaniaga, specializing in pharmaceutical industry

I saw this booth and I guess some of USM students got some free gifts from here.

There are other professional industry like Biocon are specifically looking for students from certain courses only

Cisco! Another MNC that I'm familiar with. 


Felda Global Ventures

Freebies are up for grabs! 

Dream Big, Do Bigger
Be Yourself, Be Heard

There were guides giving out for free, leading students on their right career path

 You can also take pictures with the photobooth prepared by Graduan!

Bernas! Rice manufacturer! 

They were giving all the information about different types of rice.
Quite informative with all the nutrients of different rice

Even fast food industry is hiring, anyone interested can send in their resume! 

Business Management? No problems! 

Koridor Utara, specialized in several industries. 

Banking industry also took part in SFCF, and there were a lot of people asking for information

Nano Malaysia, I guess they only need some specific people to join them though.

There were also a career talk to give all the participants a clear guidelines to lead them to the right career path

 The hall was almost full

It is important to choose the right path for your future, choosing a right job will lead you to your future and your dream.
Have you got your dream job yet?
If not then stay tune for the next SFCF by TalentCorp!

Please visit their facebook page for the next coming SFCF!

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