Sunday, October 13, 2013

Coronary Heart Disease Updates in Malaysia & Latest Treatment Options

Attended a media briefing held by Titanium Event Management
This media briefing was about the updates of Coronary Heart Disease in Malaysia and the latest treatment options.
This media briefing was held at ParkRoyal Hotel, Penang, the talk was given 2 doctors from local hospital and a professor from Hong Kong.
This media briefing was briefed by Dr.Simon Lo from  Penang Gleneagles Medical Centre, Dr.Chang from Penang Adventist Hospital and Professor Stephen Lee from Queen Mary Hospital.

Arrived early, there for taking pictures around as usual.

There were light refreshment for everyone who attended the talk

Booth with every information you need about Coronary Heart Disease

Waiting for the talk to start

What is Dual Therapy Stent?

Seats for the doctors and professor

A model of Heart and stages of Coronary Heart Disease

The arrival of doctors and professor

The talk started 

Dr.Simon Lo started the talk by briefing us about the leading causes of death, and Heart Disease is on the top of the list.

Then he introduced about Coronary Heart Disease and how it form.

Then he told us about the modifiable risk that can lead to Coronary Heart Disease

And there are treatable risk factors as well

Then he told us about unhealthy food intake by Malaysians daily

And then, he introduced the solution, which is Drug Eluting Stent

Then he told us about the numbers of Cardiologist in Malaysia, which is very little

Then the numbers of patients and also patients treated with Stent

Age group of patients underwent PCI

The main causes of Coronary Heart Disease, and also why some patients cannot recover

Obesity is one of the main causes of Coronary Heart Disease

End of Dr.Simon Lo's presentation

Dr.Chang took over and talk about Coronary Stent and Healing Properties

He started by introducing the current treatments of Blocked Coronary Arteries, basically focus about stenting

Then Dr.Chang said that Coronary Stenting is improving day by day as technology is improving

Dr.Chang also introduced the latest option of treament towards Coronary Heart Disease, The new Combo Stent

COMBO Stent is a new type of stent where it is Dual Therapy Stent (DTS)

There were other medias such as newspaper and also TV channel RTM there too. All looking forward to get updates with the latest treatment

When Dr.Chang is done, Professor Stephen Lee took over and to give in depth explanation on COMBO Stent and he was doing research and observing patients for the past few years. 

Professor Stephen have been observing patient treated with different Stents, and do research on their recovery stage from the moment they treated with Stents until few years later.

Every stent has medicine inside, where our physical eyes couldn't see

Then he played a short video clip of how Stent can help in Coronary Heart Disease

He also shown the research results from his observation studies

He observed different patients, treated by different stents, and said that COMBO Stent can last longer and more durable than other Stents

Results shown that patients treated Combo Stents are most likely to heal. At the same time, they have to maintain healthy lifestyle.

Professor Stephen Lee highlighted that COMBO Stent is more durable as he observed patients treated with COMBO Stents for 2 years and all of them are healed except for one that doesn't maintain healthy lifestyle

Finally, we had a bit of QnA sessions for further information

Lastly, Dr.Chang talked about how the stent entered our body through arteries and how they apply the stent into our bodies.

A model of how Coronary Heart Disease is formed

Not sure if you can see, the tip of the pipe is actually the Stent, it is very tiny and there are medicine on it.

I'm very glad that I am invited by Titanium Event Management to attend this health talk.
It gives a lot of information about Coronary Heart Disease and I hope that everyone of you can also share this information to everyone else.
Prevent is always better than to cure, make a move now before it is too late.
Maintain healthy lifestyle as in balanced diet and have some exercises daily to keep your body healthy!

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