Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dining at 1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel @ UNESCO Heritage Penang

It feels so great to be able to have dinner at a place full cultural and antiques.
1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel would be a great choice for that.
Their cultural boutique hotel would be one of the attraction in this place.

It is located in Jalan Pintai Tali, a street in between Chulia Street and Campbell Street

Car Jockey services is available in here

You can see the entrance has been filled with Chinese Culture

They have also obtained plenty of awards for their hotel 

A drawing of anchestor 

Very nice and traditional fountain

Their restaurant caters to all types of occasions

I love this decorations of Dragon and Phoenix

It was pretty crowded when I was there

Chong Tian Four Combination

The fish ball was rather chewy and the sauce is kinda nice. The size of the fish ball is kinda big too. 

This bacon wrapped is really delicious! It wasn't dry as it seems but rather juicy

Salted Egg wrapped, it was kinda crispy and the egg yolks are fabulous!

Sea Asparagus with Macadamia nuts, what a weird combination but it was great when the seas asparagus was chewy while macadamia nuts were crispy

Braised Shark's Fin with Crabmeat and Dried Scallop

There were really a lot of crabmeat in this soup, and I believe many of you will actually reject this dish as we all heard about the cruelty of obtaining shark's fin.
So do I, and I suggest restaurants to replace this dish by offering something like fish maw or other types of soup instead of shark's fin.

You can see how big pieces are the crabmeats, they are fresh and nice too

Fried Chicken with Chinese Wine
This dish is really good! The chicken was marinated with chinese wine for quite a while before they fried it, so the chicken has absorb the wine perfectly.
 The chicken are juicy and tender, with the great taste that made it tasted so good!

Steamed Grouper Fish with Chilli and Garlic
The grouper fish was so fresh that the fish meat are soft and smooth. I believe that they also added some lime or vinegar into the sauce that it became slightly sour, together with chilli and garlic, this dish is so appetizing.

Fried Rice with Village Style
All of us were surprised when we saw bean sprouts in fried rice. This fried rice was rather special but tasted not bad. The ingredients they used are really nice such as medium sized shrimps, fried tiny shrimps and also chinese sausages. 

Chilled Dragon Mixed Fruits
The desserts are also special as it tasted a bit like strawberry but they said there are no strawberry in this dessert. There are only mixed fruits and some jelly that made this dessert kinda special, as it goes with fresh dragon fruit juice.

Another 2 dishes which missed out by them

Dragon Phoenix Green Garden

Pan Fried Prawns with Indonesia Style

This is the available menu provided by 1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel

Wanted to try?
1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel do offers varieties of packages to cater various types of occasion.
They price of their packages is from RM598++ to RM1998++ with top quality ingredients.
Call them to know more and make bookings with them today!

1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel
Address: 38 Jalan Pintal Tali, Georgetown, 10100 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Phone: +604-263 1881
GPS: 5.417813, 100.334818

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