Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Crumbs Penang @ Penang Gurney Paragon Mall

What could be better than a nice dessert all the way from Hong Kong?
Frozen Yogurt is my all time favourite! Always!
Crumbs was in KL for a while, and now it came to attack Penang!

Crumbs is famous for their Scones and Frozen Yogurt

Enter from the Front Gate of Gurney Paragon, go down from the information counter and you will see Crumbs on your right.

MySuperVIP is also available here in Crumbs

Raisin Scones
1 for RM 2.90
3 for RM 7.90
6 for RM 14.90
The raisin scones are very soft, at the same time you would love it this if you are a raisin love, it is not too dry like scones from other stores. The raisins are kinda big too, not like what we usually had for snacks.
It is just perfectly baked, else it would be dry and hard.
Must try!

Cheese Scones
1 for RM 2.90
3 for RM 7.90
6 for RM 14.90
You definitely have to try this if you are a cheese freak! It is so cheesy and I love it on my first bite!
This scones tasted salty and it is also very soft, it feels like cheese melted in your mouth when you bite it!
Even from the texture itself you can see that it looks good!
Highly recommended!

Chocolate Scones
1 for RM 2.90
3 for RM 7.90
6 for RM 14.90
These chocolate scones has got chocolate chips in it. So it would be more crispy compare to the other two flavours. Chocolate scones would be sweet if you compare it to another 2 which one was salty, and another one was a bit sour due to the raisins added. 
Must try too!

Green Tea Mousse & Lychee Panna Cotta 
1 for RM 5.50
3 for RM 14.90
6 for RM 27.90
We also got the try out the Green Tea Mousse and Lychee Panna Cotta.
Let's talk about the Green Tea Mousse first, it was really smooth and soft. It tasted just like Haagen Dazs's Green Tea Ice Cream, but not as sweet as the one. Definitely worth the price you paid for. 
As for the Lychee Panna Cotta, it was a bit watery. The lady boss told us that it was freshly made on that day and it isn't cooling enough yet. But it tasted really fresh and nice. On top of the mousse, there are crushed peanuts to make it tasted even nicer. What surprised me was there are fresh lychee inside the mousse. Highly recommended!

Their best seller!
Frozen Yogurt!

Below are the available toppings

Kiddie Cup
RM 7.90
(Comes with 1 topping, each extra topping charge at RM 1.50)
This is the kiddie size, the small size with gummy bears and sprinkles.

Regular Size
RM 11.00
(Comes with 1 topping, each extra topping charge at RM 1.50)
The regular size, with peanut flakes and home made green tea mochi!
Their home made green tea mochi is a must try!
It is chewy and soft, very nice!

Large Size
RM 12.90 
(Comes with 2 topping, each extra topping charge at RM 1.50)
Large size of Frozen Yogurt with Mini Meringue, Chocolate Brownie and House Crumbs!
The Mini Meringue and House Crumbs is definitely a must try!
Their house crumbs tasted a little bit of cinnamon, peanut and it wasn't too sweet! Just nice!
The mini meringue tasted exactly like that I had when I was a kid, on the biscuit that we usually used to pray.

For every customer that like Crumbs' Facebook page, you can get a free voucher that will entitle you for a complimentary homemade topping, view the below image.
They also provide free drinking water for their customers, do ask from their friendly staffs.

I will definitely go back again for their scones, mousse and frozen yogurt, especially for their homemade toppings!

Crumbs @ Penang Gurney Paragon Mall
Address: Gurney Paragon Mall, Level LG P1( A ) & P1( B ) Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.
Business hours: Daily 10.00am - 10.00pm
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CrumbsMalaysia
GPS: 5.43644, 100.31160


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