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Heaven Gate Restaurant @ Lebuh King ( King Street) Penang

People always look for a good dining place with nice ambience and affordable price?
I guess this Heaven Gate Restaurant is just good for a great lunch or dinner with your love ones.
Heaven Gate Restaurant is kinda hidden in somewhere near Georgetown that if you don't ask, it will be difficult to find their restaurant.
Heaven Gate Restaurant do change their menus every quarterly, so you wouldn't worry about there are repetitions in their menus.

Look carefully when you are at Lebuh King, the building of Heaven Gate is rather unique and it is all white!

Heaven Gate is a restaurant with very nice ambience, just nice for you to bring your love ones for a great dinner.

Even the wall decorations are so western

A greedy Cupid!

Colourful bottles! The part I like the most!

Cream of Pumpkin Soup
RM 10.90
The pumpkin soup is very smooth, creamy and sweet. Unlike what I had in Suffolk House which mixed with some kind of herbs. This is more like how pumpkin soup should be.
What to highlight is that their garlic bread is very crispy.
Must try!

Classic Onion Clear Soup
RM 8.90
It was rather hot to much. But I'm a onion lover, they mixed herbs they have added into this soup was rather nice and I really like the strong smell of thyme and oregano.

 King Prawn Grilled Chicken
RM 38.00
The king prawn is wrapped by a big piece of chicken, then bring to oven for bake!
It keeps the freshness of prawn, at the same time chicken will also absorb the freshness of prawn.
When you are having the chicken, you will also taste prawn. The chef told us that they grilled the whole mixture slowly so that the chicken will not overcook and the prawn wouldn't be too raw. Very special way to cook this dish and it is nice!
Highly recommended!

Lamb Shank
RM 68.00
Ever tasted a lamb shank that was so juicy and tender like chicken?
That was the last time I had at Mansion at 32, and this is my second time!
 The lamb shank slowly cooked for 4 hours before they serve to tables. One thing to highlight here is that, this restaurant do not use any instant products like chicken stock cubes or any beef stocks, they made their own stocks and own sauces, only with raw materials. So you wouldn't be afraid of MSG heh? 
Highly recommended!

Laksa Pesto
RM 24.00
Ever tried spaghetti with Laksa taste?
Well you can try it here at Heaven Gate Restaurant! The chef combined the recipes of carbonara and laksa and made this dish. So this spaghetti is creamy but very fresh with the Laksa Flower, which is something very new to me and I'm kinda surprised that it tasted really nice!
Highly recommended!

Crispy Baked Sea Bass served with Cream of Almond Sauce
RM 38.00
This dish was rather surprising and that piece of Sea Bass was really fresh and crispy. The skin of the Sea Bass is the most delicious one! Not forget to mention that the sauce is kinda special as I have never tasted almond sauce before. It can be consider reasonable for this big plate of nice food at only RM 38.00.
The boss also told us that all the seafood, meats are fresh from the market daily, choose by the boss himself.
Quality is what they matter most, thumbs up!
Highly recommended!

Miso Cod Fish with Butter Tomato Sauce
RM 78.00
If you think that the price is very expensive for this dish then you are definitely wrong!
Look at the size of that Cod Fish! The boss told us that other restaurants usually serve Cod Fish around 100 to 120 grams, which is so small that can't even fill up the stomach.
Heaven Gate Restaurant only serves Cod Fish from 200 to 200 grams, as you can see in the picture, the portion is so big! Even without the Butter Tomato Sauce, the fresh Cod Fish itself is already juicy and yummy! 
Highly recommended!

Panna Cota
RM 12.90
The panna cota itself is very smooth and it may looks like pudding, but it tasted like cakes! 
I always expect that Strawberries that we use in desserts are usually sour, but their strawberries are sweet. 
The strawberry sauce are very nice too, and not too sweet! Just nice!
Must try!

Marble Cheese Cake
RM 12.90
I would say that this is one of the best cheese cake I've ever tasted!
It is smooth and soft, just like the one I had in Burps & Giggles before, though it is small, but it is pretty sufficient for an after meal dessert.
The one beside the cheese cake is also a chocolate biscuit made by themselves. It is actually the mixture of chocolate and cornflakes, and it was crispy and went well with the cheese cake!
Highly recommended! 

Cream Brulee
RM 10.90
The cream brulee they serve here is not bad, but the sugar layer was a little bit too thick. 
The egg layer was smooth, and it is not too watery. Not really to focus on this dessert. My first choice would be the Marble Cheese Cake though. 

Now you have another place for dining!
They are also having special promotion set meals!
For every main course order, just add on another RM 30 to enjoy a salad, soup and dessert!
For some people with small appetite, you can actually cancel the salad and replace it with a glass of house wine, what can be better than that?
Head over to Heaven Gate Restaurant today and try out their nice food!

Heaven Gate Restaurant
Address: 1A, Lebuh King, Georgetown, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Phone: 012-477 5979
Business hours: Daily 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
GPS: 5.419837, 100.341171


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