Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Xplay 2013 by Xpax @ Soju Room, Penang Times Square

There was another party happened around Penang last Saturday, and it was the Xplay 2013!
It is back again this year and it is happening in Soju Room Penang Times Square!
Once again I was proudly invited to cover the event as a blogger together with another 4 bloggers.
Henry, Wai Hoe, Constance, and Hudson.

Soju Room! Located at Penang Times Square

Time to MUXIC with XPLAY!

Registration booth

You can also get 2 passes when you register with Celcom Aircash

Time To MUXIC with XPLAY!

You can also get free passes when you download any of the selected Call Me Tones!

Take a picture with Instagram and hashtag #xplay2013 #timetomuxic

This is why! You can get a FREE LED WRISTBAND!

So we had a group pictures, together with the hot ambassadors and the LED man.

For Xpax users, you can get a FREE VXP Pass when you reload RM30 and Like Xpax Facebook

Two of the beautiful ambassadors!

Getting into the party!

We were there early so not many people around yet, WELCOME TO XPLAY2013!

DJ Xu started the party with his spinning. The party began at around 9pm

He spin until around 10.30pm

We were served with Carlsberg, for those free drinks vouchers

DJ Gianni Marino took over!
He's bringing another wave of beats!

While he is spinning, there is this 3D imaging lady dancing on the stage!
My first time seeing this! Cool!

There are also Yoyo players performing their skilful Yoyo dance!

DJ Agent Smith!

Even his Macbook has got his own sticker!

There were 2 LED man dancing while DJ Agent Smith spinning!

Henry and his friend

Grand Finale!
3 DJs spinning together!
It was freaking amazing and awesome!

DJ Agent Smith came down and party with us, take pictures with us.
He is so friendly!
Constance and DJ Agent Smith

Henry, Amelia and friends

It was an awesome night!
Wanna party like us?
Wanna party with #Xplay2013?
Well you don't wanna miss this! There are 3 more parties around there corner!

Time To MUXIC with XPLAY 2013!

Wanna get free invites?
Try your luck here!
Click into this link and register yourself to get free passes!

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