Sunday, December 15, 2013

全民炭烤店 Nation's Barbecue @ Trengganu Road, Penang

Do you even feel annoying when you have to prepare lots of stuffs for BBQ?
Sometimes you plan to buy a lot of ingredients but all you think of is that you couldn't finish all of them because the number of people is not big.
Why not save all your time of buying and preparing by visiting this new BBQ store name Nation's Barbecue?
Nation's Barbecue understands that some of you may not want to get your hands dirty by starting up fire, afraid of being burn and all. At the same time you don't have to buy so many ingredients and ended up you couldn't finish them all.

Now you can save all your time by visiting Nation's Barbecue!
They will start the fire for you, they will prepare everything for you and there are a lot of choices for your selection.
Furthermore the charcoal they are using are smokeless BBQ charcoal, which you don't have to worry about your whole body smells like BBQ.
Nation's Barbecue is located at Jalan Trengganu, beside Four Seasons Tea House, or right opposite Sin Lye Lye Foodcourt

They just opened this recently and not many people know about this place yet

Simple wall decoration, did by the boss himself

This is how you order your BBQ ingredients in Nation's Barbecue, just tick on whatever you like and time to GRILL!

They apply the traditional method of BBQ, but only use smokeless charcoal to make you feel more comfortable

Marinated Cockles

Beef Tenderloin

Marinated Squid

Marshmallows and Onions! My favourite!

Pork Belly Rolls with Enoki

Marinated Chicken Wings! How can we miss this for BBQ?

Pork Teriyaki

Pork Tenderloin

Teppanyaki Sauce for some food without any seasoning like onions, tenderloin meats and etc

They also have their homemade chilli sauce which tasted rather special, it is spicy with a little bit of sour, rather appetizing.

This is only part of what we had


Not forget to add some Teppanyaki Sauce to make your food taste better!

Fire up!

Does these make you feel hungry?

There will still be smoke if you do not handle your barbecue properly, as in when you accidentally poured some sauce into the charcoal

They also serve salt pepper or chilli flakes

Zucchini and Onions 

Cockles YUM!

This is the smokeless charcoal they use, extremely HOT!

Cheesy Pork Meat Balls

I really can't wait while BBQ-ing all our food! It is so fun to play with!

Meat, Vegetables and Seafood

Mushroom! Blended perfectly with the Teppanyaki Sauce

Our dinner was really perfect!
I'm really into BBQ but I'm always lazy to buy those ingredients, prepare and so many tasks to do.
Even when I feel like preparing BBQ, I will just give up when I think about all those jobs.
Now I know where to go when I feel like having BBQ!

What's more?
Nation's Barbecue is giving out 10% Discount Voucher for every visit, until stocks last only!
Grab yours now!

All four of us order whole table of food, and we can't finish them all.
One pax cost us around RM 30.00 together with drinks, but it was really worth it!
Are you feeling hungry now?
Let's head over to Nation's Barbecue for dinner tonight!

全民炭烤店 Nation's Barbecue
Address: 80-T, Jalan Trengganu, Georgetown, 10460 Penang, Malaysia
Phone: 04-281 3784
Business hours: Daily 6.00pm - 2.00am
GPS: 5.406334, 100.308786

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