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大姐中国沙县小吃 Sister Cook @ Jalan Cantonment, Pulau Tikus Penang.

Sister Cook is a restaurant that opened for a while in Penang Cantonment Road.
They serve very traditional Sha Xian cuisine with partially localized taste to suits the local people.
The cuisines they serve are pretty special, which some of their dishes is not commonly seen around Penang.
I went there previously and I had a good experience, my 2nd visit is even more surprising!

 It is located at Cantonment Road, opposite the Pos Office

The restaurant is quite big, a great place for lunch or dinner 

They also serve set lunch to suits all the office workers around this area

The menu

They have their homemade herbal tea, and also instant green tea

Fried Scallop with Egg
(RM 16.90)
This dish tasted rather good, at first we thought that it is a plate of fried rice but it is actually not. They fried it with Chinese white wine and that made this dish rather appetizing and it is also quite sweet. The taste is a little bit similar to one of the dish in cold platter when we attend Chinese wedding dinner, the dish that usually fried with egg, only the one in here tasted better.

Fried Sauce Noodles
(RM 6.90)
The Fried Sauce Noodle here came with half piece of their braised tofu, it was really nice mixing up all the vegetables, minced meat and the noodle. Don't forget to have it together with their homemade chilli, I guess you can also mix it together in the noodle and I'm pretty sure that it tasted good!

Sea Bass Cooked with Authentic Sauce
(RM 13.90 ala carte)
The slice of Sea Bass is already deep fried and it was quite crispy. Together with the authentic sauce, it made this dish rather good. The sauce tasted salty and something like fermented bean curd, rather special I would say. Very surprising and new to me.
Must try!

Scallop Fried Rice
(RM 12.90)
You can also try their Scallop Fried Rice if you are a rice lover. The fried rice comes with fried wonton. The fried rice is rather sweet. The sweetness came from the scallop, told by the lady boss.
The wanton here is very different from what we have out there, the meat is actually mixed meat and prawns, where the chewy feeling is like having fish wonton instead.

Famous Prosperity Chicken
(RM 12.90 ala carte)
This is something like herbal chicken, at the same time it tasted like salted chicken too, but definitely tasted more juicy and tasty than that. The sauce was very tasty and the chicken is juicy. Only I personally think that the portion is too small and it is little bit pricey with just a piece of chicken charging at that price. But it really taste good, best to go with rice.

Wonton Soup
(RM 3.90 for 6 pieces)
When you chew the wonton, you will feel like you are having fish balls instead of wonton. Instead of chopped meat, they blended the meat together with the prawns and other ingredients. Which made their wonton tasted rather special, and I find it quite cheap for 6 pieces of wonton charging at only RM 3.90

Braised Tofu
(RM 3.00 for 2 pieces)
The braised tofu here is really delicious. Tofu fully absorb the sauce and tasted rather good compare to outside where people usually use taukua instead of tofu. It is soft, smooth and every bite tasted so good in your mouth!
Highly recommended!

Honey Styled Chicken
(RM 12.90 ala carte)
This is another dish that tasted sweet. The chicken was deep fried and kinda crispy, while it is not dry nor hard, simply juicy and yummy when it has already absorb the sauce. Only the portion was a bit small for this dish.

Braised Combo Dish (Chicken & Pork)
(RM 15.90)
This pot of tastiness is hard to describe. All the ingredients were braised to perfection, and everything is just well cooked, even the chicken feet was soft but tender. The mixture of pork, chicken and all the intestines are just perfectly blended and made this pot of yummy dish!
Highly recommended!

Freezing Broccoli
(RM 10.90)
This is a bomb! Why?
You will be surprise by this dish! Never thought that broccoli could go so well with just soy sauce and wasabi. At first I doubted whether is it good, but it really amazed me that it is so refreshing and very appetizing.
Highly recommended!

Steamed "Siao Long Bao"
(RM 8.80 4 pieces in a tray)
The Siao Long Bao they served here is rather special compared to other restaurants. They also blended the meats together with other ingredients and the chewy feeling of this Siao Long Bao is like meat balls instead. 

Sister Cook is really worth trying, there are so many more new dishes that I have yet to try!
They all looks so special and full with surprises.
You might wanna give it a try so that you can know more.
大姐中国沙县小吃 Sister Cook
Address: 37E, Cantonment Road, 10350, Pulau Tikus, Penang.
Business Hours: 11am to 10pm. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 604- 228 2377

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