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Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant @ Bayview Hotel Penang

The previous post I blogged about Three Sixty Rooftop Bar, which let you chill while enjoying the nice view of Georgetown Penang.
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Now Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant serves buffet to let people enjoy their dinner together with the night view of Georgetown.
You may bring your love ones, families or friends to dine together while enjoying the rotation of the restaurant and your view may change slowly.

As you can see, there are only glasses surrounding the restaurant, so you can see the whole view of Georgetown, Penang.

The buffet dinner do serve appetizers, main course, desserts and also finger food.
Let's start from the appetizers.

Kerabu Chicken with Black Fungus
This dish is rather appetizing, it is cold but the feeling when you chew on the chicken and black fungus it was rather crispy. It is a little bit spicy and sour, that could be a good kick start for a meal.

Spicy Noodle Glass Salad
This is a bomb! You could fall in love with this dish from your first bite!
It is very delicious as the glass noodle was kinda chewy, and the sauce just made it tasted so perfect that you would feel refresh and ready for the main course.

Acar Awak
The Acar Awak was kinda crispy, sour and not too spicy.

Rojak is also available with varieties of fruits and their homemade rojak sauce

Crispy Chicken Wantan
I find this chicken wantan kinda small but it was really crispy and tasted not bad when I had it with the Thai Chilli Sauce

Nyonya Pie Tee
There were a lot of prawns added to this dish, instead of others where they will add more long beans and carrots instead of meats. It blended well with their homemade chilli sauce, the prawns are fresh and chewy.
But I personally prefer if they were to cut the vegetables instead of shaving it with the cutting knife.

Chicken Lor Bak
They cut the chicken lor bak into small pieces and made it kinda perfect size for finger food. I went back for second after I finished my main course just to have more just because it is still good to fill up my tummy.

(Spicy Lemongrass Dressing, Caesar Dressing and Wasabi Honey Dressing)
The spicy lemongrass dressing was really appetizing, caesar dressing was kinda normal, as for the wasabi honey dressing, it is sweet plus a bit of spicy and it is really appetizing. The appetizers here are all so surprisingly good.

Laksa Lemak
The laksa lemak here is as good as the one at Mansion at 32. It was really *lemak* and rich in taste. I actually had 2 bowls myself, one with the shrimp sauce, one without shrimp sauce. And I prefer it without the shrimp sauce.

Tomato Rice
Something I dont like about tomato rice is when it is too sticky, but the one they cook here are not so soft and sticky, it is rather dry and good in texture. I would suggest that they add more tomatoes else it would just taste like normal fried rice.

Nyonya Chicken Curry with Potato
Curry chicken is one of my favourite Nyonya dish! This dish does not disappoint me at all!
It tasted rather good and the potatoes are soft enough, one thing bad is that the chef should have cut the chicken into smaller pieces.

Stir Fried Spaghetti with Oyster Sauce
Wow, this is my first time trying out spaghetti in Chinese style as Chinese usually fry yellow noodles with oyster sauce. Use spaghetti is not a bad idea afterall as spaghetti is not so soft like yellow noodles, it also absorbed the oyster sauce into the noodle and tasted really good.

Mee Goreng Mamak
The mee goreng mamak tasted not bad, but it wasn't as spicy as I thought.

6 Spices BBQ Chicken
This is really one of the best dish of the night. The chicken was so juicy and tender, and the seasoning went into the meat perfectly that every bite was so delicious!

Chicken & Mushroom Pie
The chicken and mushroom pie was rather creamy, inside is full of mushrooms and chicken cubes, they are not stingy on their ingredients. This dish was rather filling so I took a bit only. 

Buttered Vegetables
Though it says that it is buttered vegetables, but to me it tasted like normal boiled vegetables. Good thing is that the vegetables are not overcooked, so they are still crispy and nice.

Pan Fried Seabass Filled with Assam Pedas
The Seabass was quite fresh, but the size of the fish is rather big. It was really pedas that I have to drink more water after I had this, anyway, I took this again for second round because I really like the spiciness and sourness of this dish.

Lamb Shank Kurma
Kurma is one of my favourite Nyonya dish, especially when they cook it with lamb!
The lamb was braised until soft but they are still juicy and tender, with still a little bit of lamb smell, which I really like. I alone had 3 pieces of lamb that night.

Slow Braised Beef Ribs
Beef is also available for your selection, it was kinda big piece and I heard from friends that the beef is soft but not dry.

Sago Gula Melaka
I rarely have sago types of desserts but the gula melaka and coconut juice really blended well with the sago, which made me kinda surprise and took another scoop.

Nyonya Kuih
I'm not sure what kuih is this, but it tasted like kuih talam to me. It was sweet on top tasted like coconut juice and the bottom layer is glutinous rice. It was quite good. 

Black Glutinous Rice Porridge with Longan & Coconut
The glutinous porridge here is not so sticky, but it also went well with coconut juice. I think it would be better if it is not so watery.

Sticky Toffee Pudding Gateau
Remember the sticky toffee pudding I had in Mansion at 32? This is something similiar to it, only without the ice cream and the sauce. The taste was really as good as the one I had previously too!

Fruits are also available for your after meal.

The Tiramisu was really good, it was soft and melt in your mouth when it touches your warm lips.

Creme Caramel
One of my favourite dessert. This is not disappointing at all as the pudding is soft and smooth. Caramel is always a great topping for all types of dessert isn't it?
Chef of the night, Chef Azali
Thanks for preparing such a nice dinner for all of us!

A group picture with the chef
Left to right: Chloe, John, Chef Azali and I

I'm always ready for camera, thanks John for this shot.

The Best of Penang Holiday Special Buffet is priced at RM75++ per pax, it is for limited time only so grab your chance to try their buffet dinner when they are still having this promotions!
Apart from buffet dinner, ala carte menus are also available, head over for more!
Call for reservations to avoid crowd or full house.

Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant and Rooftop Bar
Address: Bayview Hotel Georgetown, 25A, Farquhar Street, 10200 George Town, Malaysia
Phone: 604-2613540 (Available after 3.00pm)
GPS: 5.42195, 100.33610

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