Thursday, May 8, 2014

Coffee Factory Malaysia @ Grand Shanghai, Setia Walk Kuala Lumpur

I know there are many nice coffee place in Kuala Lumpur, but there is a new one coming up for only a few months.
It is kinda hidden in one of the corner in Setia Walk, Kuala Lumpur.
Coffee Factory been operating since January 2014, serving you with their own roasted coffee, matching them with nice food and desserts too.
Coffee Factory is located in Grand Shanghai, 4th floor of Setia Walk, you will find it very unique in Grand Shanghai because it is the only cafe that located inside Grand Shanghai. It is above Celebrity Fitness.

When you are in Grand Shanghai, you will see lots of classic restaurants like you are back in 60 - 70's

Grand Shanghai is located at 4th floor of Setia Walk, basically it is a big food court with lots of variety

If you search carefully in Grand Shanghai, you will find this outstanding small cafe located in one corner of this place.

Food & Beverage menu, and the price is even cheaper than most of the cafe in Penang.

Other than just coffee, they also have tea and soda.

They also have promotion where you order any main course, and one extra drinks from RM 13.90 onwards.
*Only applicable on weekdays Monday to Friday*

If you can't find this place, you may ask people around and look for No. 36 in Grand Shanghai

Very cute tip box at the counter

Coffee Factory decorate their cups for you to take away during special occasions, I think you will be happy looking at these cups, and everytime with different surprises

The place is like a small western garden

They also have a small room if you would prefer a more private space

This place is comfortable and relaxing, it is pretty good to hangout with friends and have a cup of nice coffee

The grass floor really make you feel like you are in some nice garden, but instead of high tea, coffee would be your choices.

Coffee Factory uses coffee maker and coffee blender of Sanremo, not many cafe would choose this brand though, and I only saw it in one of the cafe in SP. And they uses their own roasted house blend coffee beans, unlike some other cafe that would just buy coffee beans from suppliers, and they might taste the same as other cafe.

I really like watching Barista making coffee art, it is all about skills and timing, one small mistake would spoil your whole latte art design. Coffee Factory is using animals for their coffee art designs, it would take more time but the outcomes are so cute!

Salted Caramel Latte
RM 11.90
One of my favourite coffee! Which you could taste the bitterness from coffee, sweetness and saltiness from caramel. Conquer 3 of your taste buds at the same time. Everytime when I have coffee, what I hate the most is where some of the coffee served by some cafe would tasted a bit burned from the over-roasted coffee beans. But the one in Coffee Factory is nice, when the coffee arrived on my table, I can already smell the aroma from it. And by the way, I really like the cute bear on my coffee, it made me wonder for a while before I took my first sip.
Highly recommended!

Caffe Mocha
RN 11.00
This mocha has got rabbit on it and it is so cute! As for my personal preferences, I feel that Mocha should not be everything about chocolate only. I like the caffe mocha here because it is not too chocolaty, at the same time I can still taste coffee in my drink. This is what I am particular at. Else I can order a cup of hot chocolate if the whole caffe mocha taste like chocolate.
Highly recommended!

RM 11.90
I also tried their Tiramisu here since I really like Tiramisu. The Tiramisu here is kinda unique, I tasted more of coffee instead of cream. Unlike some Tiramisu in other cafe that are just plainly sweet and cream. It is also surprising of the bottom layer of this Tiramisu, it is a bit salty and tasted like some nuts. 
Must try!

What could be better than having a cup of nice coffee and matching it with a piece of nice cake?

They also decorated all their cups, it is pretty cute though.
You might receive different designs everytime you visit.
What a nice way to cheer up their customers

After reading my post and seeing all the pictures of Coffee Factory, I believe some or most of you are interested to pay a visit to this cozy cafe. So why not do it soon?
Let's have a cuppa!

Coffee Factory @ Grand Shanghai, Setia Walk
Address: Level 4, Setia Walk, Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47160 Puchong
Contact Number: 03-5879 7200
Business hours: Daily 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Facebook page: Coffee Factory Malaysia
GPS: 3.031551,101.617366

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