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New Menu Launching of Heaven Gate Restaurant for April 2014 @ KingStreet, Penang

Do you still remember about my first experience with Heaven Gate Restaurant?
In case if you forgot, here's a link that you may refer back to my previous post:

This time, they have come out with new menu for the new quarter.
I'm happy to be invited again to try out the new dishes and some improved old dishes.
They just won't stop coming out with more surprises.
So let's see what are they bringing in this round!

The interior are still stunning as usual, also a perfect place for photoshooting

Many types of wine for you to choose, price range from RM 90++ and above

Let's start with some appetizer, we were served with 3 types of soups and 3 types of salads.

Scotch Broth
RM 12.90
This broth soup was rather good, it is some sort of tomato based soup with mixed vegetables and chicken breast meat. It was kinda thick and quite "Asian" style for this starter. Only I find it kinda watery for this soup. Anyway it is worth a try for those who doesn't want the other 2 creamy types of soup.

Seafood Chowder
RM 16.90
It has got clamps prawns and also crabs inside this soup. It is creamy and quite strong taste of seafood.
The side toppings are bread crumbs and some crushed nuts, it went well with the soup and make some crunchy bites together with the other ingredients in the soup.
Highly recommended!

Forest Mushroom Soup
RM 16.90
Compared to the mushroom soup that I had before last time, this forest mushroom soup tasted even better and the mushroom taste is richer. It is also topped with some herbs mushroom and a dumpling that tasted kinda special. It is best to mixed those herbs mushrooms and have it together with your soup.
Highly recommended!

Caesar Salad
RM 16.90
The caesar salad here comes with grilled chicken breast and also egg in bread ring.
The chicken breast was kinda juicy and the marination was good with some mixed herbs and peppers.
Must try!

House Specialty Wakame Salad
RM 16.90
This is one of the bomb that made me went berserk on that day. This Wakame salad is also sided with 3 slices of salmon. But only the salad itself tasted very special and delicious!
I would just have this whole bowl of salad for dinner, I don't mind!
Highly recommended!

Seafood Cake
RM 16.90
Even the salad of this dish was really good! The seafood cake was crispy and it is some sort like hashbrown texture. I think it is kind feeling as the seafood cake was rather big in terms of size.
Highly recommended!

Chicken Spaghetti
RM 24.90
This pasta is a tomato based spaghetti, it was rather creamy and good as the chicken breast meat that they used are soft and tender. Guess they have some secret recipe in handling with their chicken breast meat though.
Must try!

Duo Tuna Penne
RM 36.90
Looking at this pasta will already make you drool? The taste will surprise you even more!
You might be surprise that the Penne is fried with tuna inside, not just the medium rare tuna that you can see on top of the pasta. Even the tuna slices are marinated with some herbs and lots of black pepper, which made it taste a bit hot.
Highly recommended!

Baked Cod Fish
RM 78.00
Unlike the cod fish that I had before, this time they have changed their recipe for cod fish.
Still, they are purchasing all the fresh ingredients from the wet market every morning, just to make sure the quality of the food is maintained. As for this cod fish, you need to combined it with the sauce and the purée together, and you will find it tasted rather special than just having the fish alone. And you never need to worry about the freshness of the seafood here in Heaven Gate.
Highly recommended!

Line-caught Baramundi
RM 42.00
The baramundi is fresh and it is crispy as it look. I never want to miss the fish skin, the best part of fish.
To make this dish nicer, you have to add a bit of the sauce, the pickles and complete them in one bite.
If you were to notice the bottom part of this dish, it is actually deep fried fish cake that tasted so nice and crispy. This dish is as good as it look!
Highly recommended!

House Special Duo Duck
RM 58.00
The is one of the dish that they maintained since their first menu until today, and still continuously improving the recipe for this dish.
This time, they have come out with something even more special than the last time. Instead of just a piece of duck, they took part of the duck meat and made them into dumplings. Still one of the best dish here!
Highly recommended!

Aromatic Lamb Shank
RM 68.00
As usual, the lamb shank was slowly braised until soft. What they have improved is the sauce itself.
Unlike some of the restaurants that uses the ready cook chicken stocks, Heaven Gate made everything at themselves. This is plain healthy and also tasted more delicious!
Highly recommended!

Oreo Cheese Cake
RM 12.90
Portion is too small for you? No it is not if you were to take your first bite!
The cheese cake is so cheesy and rice taste of Oreo biscuit!
The way of having this dessert is to have a spoonful of Oreo cheese cake, and dip it into the latte and let it melt in your mouth! One spoonful of cheese!
Highly recommended!

Chocolate Fondant
RM 18.90
Guess what? This is their chocolate lava cake!
It is so nice to have chocolate lava cake with ice cream! They also have strawberry sauce for you to go with the fondant. This is also one of the best chocolate fondant that I've ever had in Penang!
Highly recommended!

Bailey's Crème Brûlée
RM 18.90
From the name of this dessert that you can know that Heaven Gate added some bailey into their crème brûlée. This is the evolution of the ordinary crème brûlée, it was surprisingly good and blended quite well.
Not a bad try for new flavoured Crème Brûlée though!
Highly recommended!

Heaven Gate Restaurant is still one of the best fine dining restaurant that comes with affordable prices! Not to mention about the great ambience and the great service too!
I wouldn't mind to celebrate any special occasion at this place!
What I love even more is the surprises that they brought to their customers from time to time.

Heaven Gate Restaurant
Address: 1A, Lebuh King, Georgetown, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Phone: 012-477 5979
Business hours: Daily 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
GPS: 5.419837, 100.341171


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