Friday, May 16, 2014

Official Launching of IMAX TGV @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

Does the world turned upside down?
Why are we standing on the ceiling? @.@
Where's the gravity!?

Well, for people who visited any some cinemas recently, you will know what is this.
You can also spot for the poster that hanging on the wall.
It is "The Amazing Spiderman 2" that inspired people to come out with such ideas!
This booth can be located at all the TGV cinemas around Malaysia, you can take picture with it and it is for free!

Why am I here in TGV?
It is the official launching of IMAX TGV Gurney Paragon weeks ago, and I'm proud that I've been invited to witness this grand launching of the first IMAX theatre in Penang!
I've heard that IMAX is the best cinema hall in the world but now I finally get to try it in Penang!

This is my partner in crime, Minny Chan
She used to be the top blogger in Penang but quitted since she's busy with her study and work last time.
I got 2 invitations so brought her along since she kept nagging me with movies.

She's hot isn't it?
She never grow old but getting younger these days.
She also run an event company named Titanium Event Management!
Visit her facebook page for more info if you have any event planning jobs for her.

So for every invitee, you will get 2 IMAX tickets to watch the premier screening of "The Amazing Spider-man 2 : Rise of Electro" It was an honour to be one of the first to watch movie in IMAX theatre in Penang. 

We also get to play games and win amazing prizes, the first game is Trivia Quiz Challenge, we need to answer 15 questions, all the questions are about TGV in Malaysia. Each question with 4 points.

2nd game was to try out the flavour of the popcorns, you have to taste the flavour of the popcorn and tell the judge. If you got it right, you will obtain 20 points.
I got it right and I scored 20 points here

Hmmmm... I wonder what's the flavour?

The 3rd game was to touch and feel that's the object behind the curtain.
I felt Crocodile! Of course it is a toy croc.
I managed to scored another 20 points

Then, you gotta go to the "Prize Redemption Counter" and the staffs will check your Trivia Quiz Answers so see if it is correct. And they will calculate the scores.
I managed to won myself a "Bottle-looking Umbrella from TGV" Yay!

What are they doing?
What are we doing?
They seems to be dancing!?

If your answer is dancing, then you got it right!
TGV film their very own version of "Happy MTV by Pharrell Williams"
Minny and I are still waiting for the video to come out!

Then, all the medias and VIP are ready for the official launching.

Started with speech given by Mr.Tamon Iwasaki, IMAX’s Director of Theater Marketing in Asia

Then followed by Mr.Gerald V. Dibbayawan, giving his welcoming speech to all the guests.

After that, Mr.Gerald V. Dibbayawan presents souvenirs to the respective business partners

Suddenly.... and out of nowhere...
The appearance of Electro!
What is he doing in here?!

And out of a sudden, Spider-Man appeared too!
What are they doing in here?!

And we were told that Spider-Man was here to pass Mr.Gerald V. Dibbayawan and Mr.Tamon Iwasaki the key to run the launching of IMAX TGV Gurney Paragon

What is Electro doing here then!?

What's with the sparks?!

Watch this clip to find out!

It is an honour to witness the launching of the first IMAX Theatre in Penang!
And it is in TGV Gurney Paragon now!
Finally IMAX is available in Penang!

Of course everybody wont miss the chance to take a group photo with Spider-Man and Electro!

Even the Emcee and guests too!

Of course I wouldn't want to miss this chance too!
That's Chloe, Spidey, Me and Minny

Then, we started to move to the cinema hall as the movie is going to start

There are total 4 counters at the F&B counters, it is pretty big space though.

All together with IMAX hall and Beanie Hall, TGV Gurney Paragon has 9 cinema halls in total.

Time to collect our 3D glasses!

So this is the IMAX Theatre! It is so huge!
The screen is so huge too! All from the floor to ceiling!

The 3D glasses for IMAX Theatre is big that you will have no problems even when you wear glasses.

Not forget to take a selfie again!

The space in between seats are so big, you can even stretch your leg, it is so comfy!

Then, we enjoyed our movie!
I'm not going to tell you how is the movie, you gotta go watch it to experience it!

When we walked out from the hall, we were shocked by this scene!
How come there are so many cos players dressed up as Spider-man?!
What are they doing here?

It is actually an event organized by TGV Gurney Paragon, it is ‘The Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Spider-Man’ Guinness Record Attempt!
TGV were giving out those costumes to those lucky guests! and they all get to watch the premier of the show for free too!

10, 20, 30, 100, 200?
Uncountable! Too many of them!

All the bloggers that were invited also took a group picture before we left.

I also met a friend that participated in the event.

IMAX was simply amazing!
You can't tell how you feel unless you experience it yourself!
There are so many shows coming up for this summer holiday!
Transformers, X-Men, Godzilla, and etc.
Let's watch it in IMAX this time!

TGV Gurney Paragon IMAX 3D
Address: 1, Level 8, Gurney Paragon Mall 163-D, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia
Hotline: 1300 22 2848

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