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Beep Beep Q Restaurant @ Bangkok Lane / Lorong Bangkok, Penang

When we talk about barbecue, it is all about buying ingredients, chopping, marinating and preparing jobs to do. By the time you have done all these preparing jobs, you would be worn out and just lazy to enjoy yourself for the barbecue food.
With so many concepts of restaurants coming up, Beep Beep Q Restaurant would be the one that solve your barbecue problems!

You can get it from the name of the restaurant itself, Beep Beep Q Restaurant is a BBQ restaurant that serve all sorts of BBQ food, from all types of meat, vegetables and etc.
One thing good here is that you don't have to do any grilling or preparing jobs, all you need to do is just sit down and relax, read the menu and order your food, relax again while waiting for your food to arrive at your table, and enjoy your food when it arrives!

Beep Beep Q Restaurant is located at Bangkok Lane, where one of the most famous Indian Mee Goreng is located on the same street. It is an ideal place for dinner because it wasn't a busy street at night.

The interior here are all done by themselves to save cost, and the decorations are rather specials, you can see that they did put a lot of efforts in this restaurant.

All logos of branded cars.

A very cute tag.

There are also outdoor seatings from those who smoke, and the seatings are very well equipped with sufficient fans so that customers won't be sweating while having their meals here.

In case if you don't exactly know where it is, you can refer to Richard Rivalee Couture House, which is located right opposite Beep Beep Q Restaurant at Bangkok Lane

There is a salad bar, soup and drinks corner at self-service

The menu is simple, they offer variety of meats, fruits, and vegetables, basically covered everything you need for a barbeque dinner.

For those who come for drinking, you can also order their bucket promotions to get free chicken wings or meatballs, which are quite good.

They will serve salad every, and also mash potatoes.
The mash potatoes are quite good as they have added herbs and a little bit of salt for flavouring. 

The "Soup of The Day" on that day was Chicken Pasta Soup, tasted surprisingly good. Gave me a good idea that I can also cook this soup when I am not feeling well, I was hoping to try pumpkin soup too as it was referred by that it was really good. 

Now everything is set!
Let the grilling begin!

The meats are all marinated with chef's secret recipe, which can't tell of course!

The fire is burning!

Meet Ben!
The boss and also boyfriend of my good friend, Imin Chan!

He starts with all the vegetables and fruits first, which can become my appetizers.

 While waiting, I looked around and thinking how much efforts they have really spent on decorating the restaurant.

This is one of my favourite corner, let's take a selfie!

I started with some salad, I do hope that they can offer more types of dressing though. 

The whole plate of yumminess!
All the vegetables and fruits are rather good as they have added their homemade sauce and also some seasoning powder and herbs. The best one would be the mangoes! I never know that we can grilled mangoes, and it could taste so good!

Japanese Sweet Potato, one of my top favourite when it comes to barbeque!

After we finished off the vegetables, now it is time for the meatsssssss!!

They have lamb, beef, chicken, sausages, meatballs and etc.

This whole plate of lambs are simply tempting and they make you feel hungry!

As you can see, the meats looks rather juicy and tender, I don't like meats which are too dry and hard though.

Whole big piece of beef and chicken wings!

This is lamb, and it is really juicy and tender.
I am amazed by how they marinated the lamb that it has got no smell of lamb AT ALL!
Yea this would be a great news to those who love to eat lamb but also afraid of the strong smell of lamb. You can see that they are really professional in marinating the meat. Simply awesome!

This is beef, which I don't take.
But according to Chloe, they were not bad as it was cooked just nice and it was quite thick, making it rather soft and chewy! Beef lovers you gotta try this!

And my favourite again, Mangoes!

Another favourite of mine, Chicken Wings!
The chicken tasted quite good, I also wonder what did they added to make the chicken wings tasted so good. I could finish 10 of them for sure!

They also have pork loin chop which is so tender and tasty. Every bite was juicy and the sauce that pops out from the meat itself is simply delicious! The marination is really deep into the meat that made me savour the meats for no reasons!

They also have Chicken Thighs, which marinated with barbecue honey sauce.
It was a little bit of sweet and salty, and rather western style with herbs and spices.
They also removed the bones and which made it tasted just like chicken chops, juicy and tender! Yums!

I believe those meat lovers would have know how good bacon is, and the combination of bacon and golden mushroom is just perfect. Meatballs are just good as usual, just added with their homemade sauce to make it even tastier.

If you would like to make reservations, you may also contact Imin Chan or Benjamin Tan.
The experience here was just fascinating.
This is a place that you don't have to get your hands or body dirty and smelly, and yet you get to taste the great barbeque food.
I would definitely go back again, not just for the food, but also can go back during certain special occasions like birthday celebrations and etc.

Beep Beep Q Restaurant
Address: 11, Bangkok Lane, Pulau Tikus, Penang, Malaysia.
Contact No: Imin Chan 017 - 754 1228 / Benjamin Tan 012 - 421 1134
Business hours: 6:00pm - 11:00pm
Price: Adult @ RM58.00 nett, children @ RM29.00 nett.
GPS: 5.4321864,100.3129891

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