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Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine @ Tanjong City Marina, Penang Weld Quay

Whenever I ask people about where is the best chinese food in Penang, they will always tell "Chin's"
And it is always on the first on their recommendation.
Birthday is always the best thing of the year, especially when you get to celebrate it with your besties.
And this year I've been invited by Sam and my bestie Minny to dine at Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine.
Since I've always heard that Chin's Cuisine is the best Chinese Restaurant in Penang, but now I've finally got a chance to give it a try.
Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine is located at Tanjong City Marina, Weld Quay, which is just next to Clan Jetty, beside QEII, The Water Front Venue. It can be easily spotted if you are standing infront of Penang Clan Jetty.
This place is filled with specially designed and imported decorations, furnitures, and also imported artworks to make this restaurant colourful, stylish and chic.

This is the kind of view that you can see from here, especially when there are any cruises stop by Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal.

QEII is located next to it, if you are looking for nice pastas, pizzas or any other western cuinese, you can dine at QEII instead.

Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine, an award winning chinese restaurant that earned
"Malaysia's Best Chinese Cuisine Restaurant 2010 - 2012"

Even these plates are specially designed and imported from China, so colourful and beautiful, bet it should be very expensive too.

All these artworks are specially made and imported to add into Chin's.
These paintings have made this restaurant feeling rather comfortable and

My dinner date, Minny Chan, she's now hotter than before!

This is what they serve for snacks, replaced what other chinese restaurants usually did, which only serve peanuts.
The first one is something like deep fried noodle and seasoned with salt pepper, very crispy and nice to bite. The one at the back is actually cucumber skin with beans, which at first I thought was some vegetables, never thought that cucumber skin can be used as an appetizer.

Sesame Prawns on Toast
RM 14.00
This prawn cake is so chewy and it basically covered in sesame to make it nicer also added a bit of crunchiness into this dish. Not a bad beginning for appetizer and also remember to dip it together with the chilli provided, it is sweet and spicy thai style sauce to go with this prawn cake.

上上签 (4串)
Heavenly Blessed Joysticks (4 sticks)
RM 16.00
This is one of the favourite among all the dishes of the night.
From the top layer,
(Pacific Clam, Sea Cucumber, Sea Asparagus, Black Fungus, Prawn)
The perfect combination of all these ingredients plus cooking it in the chef's specialties soup has made this dish a BOMB! I've fallen in love with from my first bite, and not forget to soup too, which is the essence from all the ingredients!
Highly recommended!

Fried Golden Needle Mushrooms
RM 9.00
Golden mushrooms fried together with onions, chilies and other vegetables. Luckily it is not oily like what some other restaurants do. It is very crispy and made it perfect for quick snacks before meal, the portion is rather generous for 4, which is kinda filling for 3 of us for all the dishes we had.

Garlic Cucumber
RM 5.00
This is one of the best mouthwatering appetizer I've ever tasted before. The combination of dried chilis and garlic has also made the cucumber tasted better so the smell would be decreased, the cucumbers are rather crispy and taste good, definitely get you ready for your meal.

Hunan Shredded Seaweed
RM 5.00
If you are looking for something to wake your taste bud, maybe you can try this dish instead. But seaweed is also good for our health. This is a chilled appetizer that could be just good for me because my body was quite heaty due to the weather.

Century Eggs in Grilled Red Pepper
RM 8.00
I'm someone who doesn't like Century Egg, but Minny told me the same, as she would never take century egg but she just love the one here. And so I just put it into my mouth, and rather surprised by how the chef made it became so delicious. The slight dip of chef made sauce and topped with the red pepper is just perfect!
Highly recommended!

SiChuan Flamed Cod Fish
RM 28.00
This soup came with flames!
You can still see the fire at the bottom of the bowl, keeping the soup warm to match with chinese style. This soup is a bit of sour and hot, which is rather appetizing. They have added pickles into this dish to bring out the sourness and also pepper for spiciness. The Cod Fish is just fresh and nicely cooked in this soup, rather smooth and soft when you put it into your mouth and crush it with your tongue.
Highly recommended!

Chin's Aromatic Crispy Duck
RM 38.00 (Quarter)
This is definitely another "Bomb" of the night!
As I was told that this is one of the signature dish at Chin's, they said I better don't tell anyone I have visited Chin's before if I didn't have this dish here. We had quarter duck, there are also chopped green chillies, spring onions, cucumbers, and also Chin's signature duck sauce. Most importantly, the very thin layer of chef made crepe.

First, they will shred the duck meat into small pieces so that you can wrap it with the crepes later.
It is my honour that Sam did this by himself. He's such a friendly and nice guy, a great and helpful friend too! You guys can contact him for any booking or special events.

Steps to make a complete "Chin's Aromatic Crispy Duck"
  1. Get a piece of crepe and leave it on the plate given.
  2. Apply a generous amount of duck sauce on the crepe, not too much, just half teaspoon will do.
  3. Add 3 slices of cucumber (the best amount according to Sam for great taste)
  4. Place a little bit of spring onions slices, probably around 8 - 10 slices.
  5. Add a bit of chopped green chillies according to your preferences of spiciness.
  6. Finally top with the shredded duck meat and also the crispy skins
  7. Roll everything together, and SNAP! Take a big bite!
  8. Enjoy the mixture of all the ingredients in your mouth and fall in love with it.
  9. Ready for another roll!

Double Flavoured Wild Fresh Water Fish
巴丁 Patin (RM 58.00)
This fish is come with 2 flavours, spicy and sour.
Definitely the red chillies are spicy and another part of it is actually pickles and garlic, which made this dish rather special and at the same time you get to taste both flavours in one dish. The Patin is very fresh that which does not have those fishy smell like what usually freshwater fishes could be.

串烧孜然羊肉 (4串)
Cumin Mutton Skewers (4 sticks)
RM 24.00
This is also one of the of the must at Chin's, the mutton is soft and tender, and topped with those onions and other spices made it tasted so good. Not to forget the sauce that will go perfectly with rice too! This would be highly recommended if you love the taste of mutton!

"Gele Mountain" Hot Chicken
RM 26.00
If you are someone who fancy some hot and spiciness, this is something you should really order.
I just love how they fry the dried chillies, peanuts, and the crispy chicken cubes together and made it spicy and appetizing. Must try!

Hot & Sour White Cabbage
RM 16.00
Another appetizing dish, though they have added dried chillies into the dish, but it is not spicy at all, just rather sour and appetizing which is just good after having all the heavy main dishes earlier. This dish was surprisingly good even though it looks so simple. The sweetness from white cabbage is just good!

Pumpkin Cake with Sweetened Bean Paste
RM 8.00 (each)
The red bean paste is wrapped with pumpkin cake, then deep fried it and covered in sesame seeds.
 The pumpkin cake layer is rather chewy and sweet, the sweetness comes from the pumpkin itself. What made me surprised was the combination of red bean paste and pumpkin would be so great that both of them tasted so good together. Must try!

Jasmine Jelly/Sea Coconut/White Fungus
RM 10.00 each
If you think that this dessert is like some kind of traditional dessert, then you are wrong.
I was rather surprised that the chef could make the jasmine jelly tasted like nata de coco jelly, and cooking it together with sea coconut and white fungus still keeping the taste of it. This dessert is not too sweet, it will be good for elderly too. 

Thanks Minny and Sam for the suprise birthday cake too!
It was Tiramisu, my favourite cake!
And the cake is nice!

Last but not least, take a picture with the so called "Wall of Fame"

It is good to finally have a chance to dine at such a great restaurant.
Many thanks to Sam and Minny for the awesome dinner!
I will definitely recommend friends to come back here again, not just because it is own by my friends, but also the good food, good services and good reputation of this restaurant would definitely bring me back.

Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine
Address: 8A Tanjong City Marina, Weld Quay 10300 Penang, Malaysia
Contact No: 04-263 3331
Business hours: Daily 6.00pm - 11.00pm
GPS: 5.411106,100.333822

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