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Hameediyah Restaurant @ Lebuh Campbell, Penang

Hameediyah is one of the oldest, or I should say the oldest mamak in Penang.
One of the most origin Nasi Kandar in Penang that have been operating since 1907, which is now 107 years old in Penang. 
Hameediyah has been passed down from the first generation until the 4th generation today, but still maintain its reputation and customers, serving the best Murtabak in town. 
It is located at the heart of Penang, Campbell Street, one of the most happening street in Georgetown. Hameediyah Restaurant have went through renovation this recently and bringing a more comfortable and cleaner environment for their customers. 

It is one of the most happening restaurant that located at Campbell street, you can still see crowd even it is at night or daytime.

Operate since 1907 until today, still serving Penang as one of the best mamak.

Roti Canai is a must whenever you visit a mamak stall, am I right?

If you are having Nasi Kandar, they have more than 30 dishes for you to choose, from vegetables, eggs, meats and etc.

This is the traditional ways to sell Nasi Kandar, back in 1907 when everything is not so developed. 

They also have their new menu, and all the price has been stated on the menu.

Even their plates also printed with their own logo.

The upstairs seat is air-conditioned, which is very much comfortable while you enjoy your meal here.

Mango Lassi
One of the best seller in Hameediyah, I personally love this drink too!
This one big glass of Mango Lassi is only at RM5.00, and they use only fresh mangoes to prepare this drink, keeping it fresh and sweet.

Chicken Murtabak 
RM 5.00
The best Murtabak in town, only at Hameediyah.
I don't have to repeat but most of the Penangites already know that Hameediyah serves the best Murtabak in Penang. And through the person in charge, we also understand that they way they prepare this Murtabak is slightly different from other mamak restaurants, which made their Murtabak tasted rather different and better than others. Not to forget about the pickled onions too, which is a must to go with Murtabak, they are the perfect match ever!

Nasi Kandar is a must in Hameediyah, that is what they have been selling since 1907 though. Out of so many dishes, we have been served with some of their signature dishes, and also the best selling items in Hameediyah.

Prawn Curry
RM 7.00 -  RM12.00 (according to size)
This is one of the dishes that I would recommend the most, not to say that the prawn is fresh, but also the curry that cooked with prawn and tasted rather sweet. Luckily it wasn't too spicy as I don't really fancy too much of spicy food as it would make me sweat and feeling uncomfortable. Love the tenderness of the fresh prawn. Highly recommended!

Fried Fish
RM 4.50
Though this dish has nothing extraordinary, just like how people usually marinate it with Tumeric, but it is still good when the fish is fresh enough. It would be good to have it together with the Nasi Briyani together. 

Duck Curry
RM16.00 - RM30.00 (according to size)
Seriously I have never seen duck dishes in mamak restaurant before, this is my first time trying duck curry. It was rather good as the duck is rather chewy and most important, it is without the smell of duck where people don't usually go well with it. 

Fish Head Curry Pot
RM 60.00 / pot
The best dish of the night would be this curry fish head, it would be good for 4 to 6 pax. Love the thick and rich curry soup in the fresh fish head and also the size of the fish head. The person in charge told us that the boss would go to the wet market everyday and select the fish head by himself to make sure the size and the freshness of the fish heads would be best to serve his customers.
Highly recommended!

Nasi Briyani
RM3.00 / portion
I would think that the price for a portion of this delicious Nasi Briyani might be a little bit too expensive, but it is all worth it when you had your first spoon of it together with the curry sauces from other dishes. Sometimes I would really wanna learn what are the secrets of cooking a bowl of delicious Nasi Briyani like this, but I'm pretty sure that I would be confused with all the herbs and ingredients of it, definitely a must try!

Mini Cucumber Pickles
This dish is not available all the time, it was taken out from the menu but it has come back due to the popular demand of it. I would say that it is rather good, but it would be better if they were to cut it into a smaller pieces when they serve it though.

Teh Tarik is a must when you come to mamak restaurants right? They serve teh tarik for only RM 1.50, and don't forget to ask for less sweet if you don't fancy a overly-sweet teh tarik like me. 

The staffs here are also friendly and helpful. We ask this guy to pose for picture and this is the classic pose he gave. Simply classic!

Not forget to upload my pictures into instagram too, please follow my instagram account at if you haven't. 

This is the photo that I posted on my instagram that night

The preparation of a piece of meatful Chicken Murtabak

The chef that cook Murtabak and Roti Canai also gave me a good pose when I ask for a photo, friendly enough!

After having my dinner at Hameediyah Restaurant, I wouldn't mind going back again for a few more visit. They totally changed my concept towards a mamak restaurant. Though Hameediyah has been operating since 1907, but they still keep up with the latest trend and also continuously improving their recipes and adding more items into the menu to suit the taste of this generation.
Thanks to Hameediyah for having this food review that night.

Hameediyah Restaurant @ Lebuh Campbell, Penang
Address: 164A, Lebuh Campbell 10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Contact No: +604 - 2611095
Business hours: Daily 11:00am to 11:00pm
Facebook page: Hameediyah Restaurant
GPS: 5.418729,100.332277

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