Thursday, October 9, 2014

Guinness Amplify : Music Made of More @ Soho Gastro Precinct 10.

It's been quite some time I haven't been to any alcohol events.
This time I would proud to be invited again by Guinness to their Guinness Amplify : Music Made of More event.
They held this event at Soho Gastro Pub at Precinct 10 this time, which is more grand and better too!

They have brought 3 bands together this year! Featuring -The Endleaves, Kyoto Protocol and Froya!
These 3 bands have brought great music and made the night wonderful!

Many thanks to Guinness for the invitation and also Soho Gastro for hosting that night.

I was there kinda early, and there weren't any crowd yet, which is good for me to take pictures around.

2 big balloons of the event, Guinness Amplify: Music Made of More

The whole place turned into a total different place than the usual Soho Gastro that I knew. Totally chic and classy!

As usual, there's a registration booth to get yourself registered and get some goodies before you enter the pub. Of course there's no entrance for those who are under 18, and Muslims are discouraged from consuming alcohol. There are T&C of the event too.

Pretty model at the photobooth session!

The entrance pass this year is totally different!
They give out bracelets instead of stickers or wristband like last time!

All sorts of taglines for Guinness! 

The drinks redemption booth, just bring your complimentary coupons to exchange for your drinks or the stampcard to get your complementary drinks at the promotion of Buy 2 Free 1. 

The stage set up, kinda blue and different from their previous style!

Drinks of the night, say "Guinness!!!"

Minny looks like an ambassador! She also joined me for the party! 

If you have read my previous post about how to make a perfect Guinness Draught, then you would know how.
First, make a 3/4 pump of Guinness, and watch the magic happens!

Then, fill the cup with Guinness

Enjoy watching the beauty of Guinness foaming, and there goes!
A perfect pint of Guinness!

The night is started by The Endleaves, a local rock band that formed by 4 talented person, each person play their own instruments. Shaneil Devaser on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Riz Rashid on lead guitar and backing vocals, Krist Chong on bass and Rashaad Ali on drums.
They have brought up the heat to the party with their rock musics, bring more and more crowd into the pub!

Then, we have game session to give out tickets to Guinness Amplify, the Finale Show on 18th October at KL Live featuring the band MAGIC!
Each person who are able to answer the emcee's questions will be entitled for 2 tickets!

And then, my favourite part of the night would be Froya!
Her voice is seriously sweet and jazzy!
Loving all the acoustic music that she brought for us that night, I'm really enjoying myself listening to her music! And I promised to buy her album once it is out!

One of my new friend that introduced by Minny, Punch joined us later that night!
She's also a sweet but crazy friend of mine! Joining her everytime would make me laugh for nonstop!

Second Q&A session to let the guests walk away with more Guinness Amplify Finale Show tickets!

The last part of the night, Kyoto Protocol is playing for the finishing!
This band is also the best band I've ever heard, they brought the crowd and also the party to another level by getting more people to participate and bringing more heat to the party!
They made the party fabulous!

Some other friends I met during the party, this is my highschool gang!

Another new friend of mine, Mayler also joined us later that night.

3 hot chicks!

The night was wonderful and fun!
Thanks Sam @ Soho Gastro for hosting the night too!

Guinness Amplify: Music Made of More was a wrap!
The night was wonderful and extremely fun!
If you have missed this party, it doesn't matter, you can still join the Guinness Amplify Finale Show which will be bring Magic!
I believe most of you would have heard about the song Rude before, so don't miss it this time!
Tickets can be obtained from their official website:

Guinness Amplify official facebook page:
The Endleaves official facebook page:
Froya Music official facebook page:
Kyoto Protocol official facebook page:

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