Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Dishes of Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine @ Penang Times Square

It's been a while since I last visited Tao Cuisine at Penang Times Square.
And thanks to Penanglang, I've got the chance to revisit to try out their new dishes which is going to come out on their next menu.

Anyway, Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine is still practicing their "Eat-All-You-Can" buffet, available for lunch and dinner as usual, and their price still remained the same while still providing good quality of food.
Their usual business hours will be as below:

Lunch (Monday to Friday)
12.00pm till 04.00pm
Lunch (Saturday, Sunday, Eve Of & Public Holiday)
12.00pm till 04.00pm

Dinner (Monday to Thursday) 
05.30pm till 10.30pm
Dinner (Friday to Sunday, Eve Of & Public Holiday) 
05.30pm till 11.00pm

Early bird special 10% discount for DINNER, dine in before 6.30pm from Monday to Friday except eve of and public holiday.

When I was there, they are still having their New Year Promotions.

You will feel kind welcomed when you walk into Tao Cuisine

The decorations at Tao Cuisine is very classic and grand

Appetizers are inclusive of seafood, nuts, meats, vegetables and many more.

Drunken Chicken, tasted rather unique. I can taste some Chinese wine on this dish that is quite appetising.

This Japanese tofu appetizer is rather good as it is dip in soup that we had together with fried tempura. Just one bite each bowl and you can take as much as you want. 

Steamed Salmon Fish Head here is very delicious as they steamed it with asian style. The Salmon fish head are rather fresh. Only I don't really like it because of the fish bones. 

Green Mussels with a dip of their chef's special sauce. I like the size of the mussels here, which are just average, not too big.

Tune sashimi is quite fresh, one of my top favourite sashimi. 

 Salad bar is also available at Tao Cuisine, vary sauces available. 

Other than buffet bar, they also have their Teriyaki station that you can choose what are the ingredients that you prefer and they will grill it for you on the spot 

And also Teppanyaki station where you get to choose from vegetables, mushrooms, seafood, meats like chicken or beef. Just hand it over to the chef and patiently wait at your table.

Desserts are featuring creampuffs, cakes and jelly. 

 Other than buffet bar, the best food here are those you can order from the menu.
This is from of the signature dishes, The baked scallops, a MUST at Tao. 

Grilled Lamb, it was a little bit hard, but I love how they marinate the lamb and it is delicious.

Fry clam in Asian style, also one of the signature dishes here. The clams are rather fresh, and it tasted quite good wiht ginger and spring onions on this dish.  

 Teppanyaki Fish Fillets was good too, and it is my all time favourite. 

Baked Oysters, it is simply cheesy and yummy!

Ebi Fried is rather crispy and fresh. But the highlight is the sauce on top of it. 

We have choose quite a lot of food for them to cook, and this is the outcome from the teppanyaki station. We had sea cucumber, squid, prawns, scallops and many more.

Chloe also order beef, which I don't take, but it looks quite juicy and yummy though. 

You will get to enjoy all the food you order from them, having your buffet is simply worth it.

Sashimi are also available at Tao Cuisine, so how can you resist it?

Other than the usual dishes, we also get to try out some new dishes that is going to launch in the new menu, probably before Chinese New Year.

 Spicy Hamaguri, a spicy version of fried clam.
It was quite appetizing and delicious

Crazy Roll, Salmon roll with special sauce

Kama Age Udon, a cold version of Udon. Tasted rather good with the toppings. But most importantly is the rich miso soup that makes it perfect.

U-Maki, Unagi egg roll. One of my favourite, and I'm gonna have this when I revisit again!

Kaki Karaage, it is like oyster stuffing, tasted quite good as there are oyster inside it.

Tao Cuisine is currently having special promotions that you will get to enjoy it when you bring extra friends with you!
Dine in with 6 pax and above then you will get to enjoy a 15% discounts from the total bill!
(Terms & Conditions Apply)

TAO Authentic Asian Cuisine @ Penang Times Square
Address: First Floor, Penang Times Square, Jalan Dato Keramat,  10150 Georgetown, Penang. 
Contact No: +604-2285826
Email: info@tao-cuisine.com
GPS: 5.413283, 100.325472

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