Tuesday, January 13, 2015

源珍香肉干 Yuen Chen Siang Meat Jerky (Bakkwa) from Muar

I am very selective when it comes to Bakkwa (肉干).
It is never really my favourite food because it will make me have sore throat, but one of the biggest reason is because it will make me fat when I can't stop wanting for more once I started.

Thanks to Kelly, I get to try out the all new flavoured meat jerky from 麻坡源珍香 Muar Yuen Chen Siang. Not forget to thanks Willy for delivering the bakkwa all the way from Butterworth too.

Yuen Chen Siang have been in this industry for more than 40years serving healthier barbecued meat and meat floss and has became a trusted household brand name in Malaysia.
I'm kinda surprised to find that meat jerky can come in so many unique and different flavours.

It comes with recycle bag, very handy and good quality.

The moment I took it out from the recycle bag I was like, Oh my god the box design is so cute!
Flavours, packaging, and marketing, selling Bakkwa is also about innovations now.
I've got one of their new flavour, a box of Penang White Curry Bakkwa

And when I take out the bakkwa from the packaging, I can already smell the curry taste from it.
The bakkwa smell so good that I can't wait to take a bite before taking pictures.

The meat jerky itself is quite soft, and you can see from the pictures that it is not too oily compare to those you can get out there.

After trying it, I seriously couldn't stop.
The little spiciness from the white curry flavour is rather appetizing, and the juicy and soft bakkwa itself has really conquered my taste bud, and it has made me wanting for more. 

麻坡源珍香 Muar Yuen Chen Siang Bakkwa can be order through their website at http://www.yuen.com.my/

There will be free delivery fees for purchases of RM80 and above. (Delivery fees: RM6) 

It comes in many more flavours like Korean BBQ, bacons, almond, black pepper and many more. 
To view the available choices and order online, you may refer to this link http://www.yuen.com.my/html/shop/

If you are staying at Johor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Sarawak,  KL, and Pahang, you may visit their stores to purchase directly from the stores.
Follow this link to find their stores near you: http://www.yuen.com.my/html/locate-us/

麻坡源珍香 Muar Yuen Chen Siang

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