Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ayam What Ayam @ Ernest Zacharevic x E&O Gallery, E&O Hotel Penang

After the Art Is Rubbish Is Art / Art Is LapZap art exhibition by Ernest Zacharevic at Hin Bus Depot Company, I've have not visited any art exhibition by him though there were a few exhibitions in the past.
If you have missed out what's the art exhibition about, you may refer to my old post below:

Recently, Ernest has gathered a few artists with him and organized another art exhibition at Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang. 
"Ayam What Ayam" is an art exhibition held at the Ernest Zacharevic x E&O Gallery located at the Victory Annexe of E&O Hotel Penang. 
I didn't realize that Ernest has this art gallery for quite some time in Penang until I visited this art exhibition. 

With the collaboration of more than 15 international and local artists and curated by Ernest Zacharevic, "Ayam What Ayam" is a successful event with more than 50 masterpieces displaying at the art exhibition. 
This event started on 30th May 2015 and ending on 27th July 2015, the art exhibition is available daily from 10:00am to 5:00pm except every Tuesdays and Public Holidays. 

Ernest Zacharevic X E&O Gallery is one of the gallery located in E&O Hotel.

If you are passing Lebuh Farquhar, you will see the gallery located in Victory Annexe of E&O Hotel on your left. 

You will see the two giant Lego sculpture standing straight infront of the gallery, which was supposed to be the wall mural located at Johor. 

It was quite crowded during the opening of the art exhibition as those participating artists were presented during the event. 

A masterpiece of Ayam (Chicken in Malay)

With more than 50 artworks displayed at the gallery, it attracts quite a number of visitors during the day to see those hard works done by the artists.

I've also spotted some of the masterpiece by Ernest Zacharevic that brought over from Hin Bus Depot Company. 

If you read my previous post before, then you are no longer a stranger to those masterpieces by Ernest. 

 A Series by Low Chee Peng

Talk Cock by Sliz 

Artworks by Donald Abraham 

Witnessed Salvation by Renny Cheng
What really blew me off during my visit was this piece of beautifully completed masterpiece by Renny Cheng. I felt a touch of warmth by looking at this painting. Not sure if how you would feel, but to me I can feel that everybody is an angel, and we were watched by angels as well. 

I was very happy to see Ernest Zacharevic at the gallery and managed to capture a photo of him standing with all his masterpieces.
Not forget to thank him, the one who started with all the art ideas in Penang. 

If you are interested to see more of the artworks, I believe you should visit this gallery before the art exhibition ends.
Furthermore, you won't get much chances to see artworks by so many artists at once in Penang and this would be one of the greatest opportunities. 

Alternatively, you may also visit the gallery's facebook page below for more updates of their current status about the art exhibition:


You may also visit their Big Cartel page to see some of the artworks and also purchase them if you are interested in those masterpieces.

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Good news!
Ayam What Ayam Art Exhibition has been extended until 31st August 2015!
So make a move and visit this the gallery before it ends.

Ayam What Ayam @ Ernest Zacharevic x E&O Gallery, E&O Hotel Penang
Address: 10, Lebuh Farquhar 10200 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact number: 019-451 4149
Duration: 30th May 2015 - 27th July 2015
Opening hours: Daily 10:00am - 5:00pm (Closed on every Tuesdays & Public Holidays)
GPS: 5.4233619,100.335615
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