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New Menu of Winters Warmers Coffee & Tea House @ Straits Quay, Penang

I'm a big fan of english afternoon tea, especially when it comes to a rather flexible afternoon with good weather.
Winter Warmers in Penang is always my choice for afternoon tea when it comes to casual afternoon especially during the weekends.
Recently, Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House has come out with their new menu offering more new dishes on the menu while maintaining the good old dishes.

Recently, Winter Warmers has opened a new outlet in Penang, which is located in Straits Quay Mall.
I think that this location is very ideal where it is a nice mall to hang out during the afternoon for the sea view and some nice breeze from the ocean. Unless if you choose to sit indoor for the air-conditioning. 

The indoor seatings are rather spacious too, could be able to caters to at least 50 pax

We were greeted with a pot of nice chamomile tea as starter, which is one of my total favourite. 
Chamomile is rather healthy and good for detoxification, and the Chinese also believe that it can helps to cool down our body temperature. 

Then, we were introduced to all the tea leaves and herbs they used for their tea.

As you can see, there are different tea leaves with different functions. Winter Warmers is well-known for their flower tea and also fruit tea. Those teas are non-caffeine tea and they are safe to consume to anyone including children. But for green-tea, coffee and other caffeinated tea might not be so suitable for everyone.

A pot of Candied Ginger priced at RM13.90 obviously catch my attention. Ginger is commonly used to treat various types of “stomach problems,” including motion sickness, morning sickness, colic, upset stomach, gas, diarrhea, nausea caused by cancer treatment, nausea and vomiting after surgery, as well as loss of appetite (from wikipedia). 

Rose Milk Tea is one of the signature in Winter Warmers, priced at RM12.90 for a pot. The milk tea was just creamy enough to match with the rose flower. This combination went perfectly well and the aroma of rose in your milk tea would make you rather enjoy it while spoiling your tastebuds. 

Following are all fruit teas, which are also my all time favourite. Like a pot of Iced Rose Fruit Cocktail like this would be perfect for an afternoon hangout with the friends. Priced at RM13.90 for a pot of tea which is rich of vitamin and help to beautifies your skin. 

Iced Lime Mint Tea is rather rather refreshing. It is also selling at RM13.90 and it is totally appetizing, as the sourness from the lime matching with a little salt around the glass together with mint leaves in the pot of tea, this drink will definitely match with any meals! 

Iced Mixed Fruit Tea (RM13.90)is actually my regular tea. It is my top MUST in Winter Warmers. The mixture of pineapple, apple, orange, lemon and together with the tea topped with cherry is simply perfect! This tea is on my top favourite list where I just feel like picking this whenever I visit Winter Warmers!

The Iced Lavender Coffee is priced at RM22.90, served with ice-cream and tea jelly. It may be costly but it is really something special. I never really thought that lavender could blend well with coffee until I've tasted this one. The smell of lavender is rather mild and it wouldn't let me feeling awkward for the smell because I had bad experience with lavender before this. You guys can give it a try though.

 As for the meal, we started with a plate of refreshing salad. It was rather appetizing and served well for starter. The salad consists of all sorts of vegetables, oranges, cherry tomatoes, cherry, walnut and many more. It is so healthy and full with nutritions. 

 Braised Beef Short Ribs (RM45.90) is one of the top seller in Winter Warmers. From the portion itself I can tell that it is very worth for the price you pay, especially when the meat is so soft that you just have to slightly cut it with your fork put it into your mouth to let it melt in your mouth.

Seafood Bake Rice was rather delightful with the garlic butter rice covered with creamy white sauce, topped with mussel scallop, prawn meat, squid and crab stick. It was rather cheesy and filling at the same time with such big portion. Selling at only RM22.90 definitely worth a try especially all the seafood served were fresh and tasty.  

 Grilled Fish with White Sauce is priced at only RM19.90 for a huge portion, served with potatoes and vegetables. The pre-marinated fish fillet was rather flavourful and it was very soft till it melts in your mouth. It forms a pretty good match with the white sauce as well. 

We were served with Baked Hawaii Chicken Waffle (RM18.90) as well. It tasted like pizza except where waffle are more crusty and it is better than pizza breads. I definitely like this version more as I'm not really a pizza person due to the pizza breads. Give this a try and I'm sure you will like it too!

Honey Oat Chicken is one of the signature dishes in Winter Warmers. I believe a lot of people would order this once they have tried it before because I'm actually one of them. I fell in love with this dish after I've tasted it for the first time. I like it crispy and coated with a lot of oats, served with potato wedges and vegetables too. Try this dish and fall in love with it like I do!

Don't you want to spoil yourself sometimes with some delicious cakes or cookies?
I think it would be good to visit Winter Warmers as they have a range of different special cookies and special cakes that has tea leaves and flowers in it which are not commonly found out there.

Talking about Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House, we will all think about having a scrumptious English Afternoon Tea in a pretty decent and elegance place. And here you go, a full set of Deluxcious Afternoon Tea present right in front of you.
Although it has been said on the menu that this set of afternoon tea is served for 2 persons, but I believe 3 persons are also unable to finish it as there are really a lot of food in this set of afternoon tea priced at only RM76.00 for 2 persons. 
So what say you?

Mr.William,  the Operation Manager of Straits Quay branch is also helping us out by explaining all the functions of tea leaves together with how they mixed up with flowers and tea leaves and it will bring extra benefits. Thank you for hosting us that evening. 

I was rather happy as I'm really an afternoon tea person. I think that every person should learn how to enjoy afternoon tea session especially when you are having a casual afternoon with empty schedule. 

Apart from that, Winter Warmers is also having their special promotions available on at Queensbay Mall outlet.
You may print this voucher and use it at Winter Warmers @ Queensbay Mall to enjoy a Buy 1 Free 1 Set Lunch or Set Dinner.
All you need to do is to like their official facebook page at
Share their page, and show it on the spot to enjoy this offer.
Isn't it easy? So grab this offer while it last!

New Menu of Winters Warmers Coffee & Tea House

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