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Jamu Selera, Buka Puasa with Spoon Cafe @ G Hotel Kelawai Penang

Ever since the opening of G Hotel Kelawai Penang, they have been offering quite a number of themed buffet and they all came with great promotions.
In conjunction with the month of Ramadhan, G Hotel Kelawai also offering their Jamu Selera Buffet with wide variety of selections in their new food outlet, Spoon Cafe in G Hotel Kelawai Penang.
Now you can break fast with an abundance of delicious delights specially prepared by G Hotel Kelawai's culinary experts with traditional Malay and Asian Cuisine along with the wide spreads of desserts in Spoon Cafe.

Thanks to G Hotel Team for hosting us that evening, it was a lovely night indeed.

The Jamu Selera Buffet will be available throughout the month of Ramadhan as below:
Jamu Selera Buffet Dinner @ Spoon Cafe
18 June 2015 - 16 July 2015.
6:30pm - 10:30pm
RM115 nett(adult). RM58 nett(child), RM69 nett(senior citizen)

Riang Raya Buffet Lunch @ Spoon Cafe
17 July 2015 - 18 July 2015.
11:30pm to 2:30pm.
RM92 nett(adult). RM46 nett(child), RM60 nett(senior citizen)

Riang Raya Buffet Dinner @ Spoon Cafe
17 July 2015 - 18 July 2015.
6:30pm to 10:30pm.
RM115 nett(adult). RM58 nett(child), RM69 nett(senior citizen)

The bread arrangement in G Hotel is fascinating like it always did.

Left to right: Kerabu Ayam, Kerabu Taugeh, Kerabu Lautan and Kerabu Tembikai
(Chicken Kerabu, Beansprout Kerabu, Seafood Kerabu and Watermelon Kerabu)
Kerabu is Malay style of salad. What really blown me off was the Watermelon Kerabu which sounded so weird but it was really tasty. It was such an creative dish but rather delicious because it really blended well with all the other compulsory ingredients like onions, cucumbers and other spices in Kerabu. But do take note if you are not a fan of spicy food as some of the kerabu were quite spicy with chilli padi in it. 

There are also banana fritter, sweet potato fritter and yam fritter available on the buffet spread, hot and crispy!

 Nasi Impit with Serunding Ayam & Daging also given some choices of salted fish and salted eggs. 
A rather Ramadhan dish but with more variety in terms of dishes available. 

And look at how Ray made it look like a fine dining dish instead of the traditional Malay dish.
He is really creative and talented!

Other than the traditional Malay dishes, Spoon Cafe is still offering the delicious Seafood On Ice.
For month of Ramadhan, they didn't remove any dishes from the buffet spread, but only adding more varieties of Malay dishes to their menu. 

Roasted Whole Lamb Leg is my all time favourite as I like the kind chewy lamb meat that goes with mint sauce and black pepper sauce. It is even better that they also have roasted potatoes and vegetables. 

When we talk about traditional Malay dishes served during the Ramadhan time, I'm pretty sure we can't be voided from delicious dishes such as Nasi Hujan Panas which I kinda into it because of it's unique flavour of all spices mixture. The Chilli Ketam (Chilli Crab) was rather delightful and the crabs are quite fresh as the meats are quite sweet. I'm totally kinda into the Kurma Telur where people usually cook with lamb purely because I'm into the taste of Kurma Curry. 

Left: Dhalca Mami Tanjung, Ayam Masak Kicap Mamak, Kailan Goreng Ikan Masin, Kambing Masala.
Right: Tofu Goreng Kacang Buncis & Udang, Kari Ikan, Sotong Berempah, Daging Paprik.
Other than the curry dishes which is very common in Ramadhan buffet spread, they also cook some asian dishes to go with the Malay dishes such as the Chinese fried long beans,  Kailan with salted fish and Masala Lamb which is my all time favourite.
I personally very into the Ayam Masak Merah, which is one of my all time favourite Malay dishes as well as Dhalca Curry which is a much healthier vegetarian dish. 

Bubur Lambuk is what I'm rather looking forward to have. It is one of my must have dish during any Ramadhan buffet. I love how they added various spices to make the porridge tasted so flavourful and delicious even with just simple ingredients. 
Sup Ekor (Ox Tail Soup) is also one of the common that can be seen in Buka Puasa buffets.

Other than hot dishes and all the available items on the buffet spreads. Spoon Cafe also offering their grilling station with varieties of ingredients. You just gotta pick your preferred ingredients and let the culinary experts to get it done for you.

As G Cafe @ G Hotel Gurney is already famous for its delicious pastries and desserts, I was rather surprised by how good the quality of the desserts in Spoon Cafe @ G Hotel Kelawai. We were told that both G Hotel Gurney and G Hotel Kelawai have their independent chefs.

In Spoon Cafe @ G Hotel Kelawai, I find that their pastry chefs are more daring and creative than the ones in G Cafe and the desserts here are not bad at all compared to G Cafe. I'm really impressed by how good the quality and how well they could play with their ingredients in desserts and offering several desserts which I have never tried before.

Black Rice Cheese Cake is the desserts that caught all our attention. We have never tasted such delicious cake and never could have thought that black rice could blend so well with cheese. I had 2 slices of this cake because it is simply mind blowing and I felt glad that I attended this food review because of this dessert!
Highly recommended if it is available during your visit!

As usual, one of my favourite would be the chocolate fondue which I can have it with fruits or candies depending on my mood. I still can't resist this even after so many times of having it. It shows how much I love not just to eat it but also how much I love to play with this dessert!

During my visit to Spoon Cafe this round, they have added Waffle into their dessert menu. But I'm pretty sure that they are still in the mid of improving in terms of their taste and the mixture of their waffle.

As for waffles or ice creams, you may choose your preferred toppings as they have plenty of toppings available on the spread.

Trying a bit of every dishes made me rather bloated and satisfying. Nothing much to say but I really did enjoyed my dinner with Spoon Cafe and the warm hospitality from G Hotel Team.

A whole plate of delicious grilled food prepared carefully by the experienced chefs just for you.

Bubur Lambuk at Spoon Cafe was rather satisfying and suits my taste.
Though I have attended quite a number of Ramadhan Buffet reviews before but this was my first time trying Bubur Lambuk and I'm totally in love with it. Now I know which dishes I will be looking forward whenever it comes to Ramadhan dishes.

All the dishes available on the buffet spreads may look rather little but the speed of their replenishment is rather quick and efficient. Where you don't have to worry about insufficient food prepared. 
It will be good for them to keep the food fresh and hot and not just leave it there for nothing/

Jamu Selera @ Spoon Cafe, G Hotel Kelawai, Penang
Address: 2, Persiaran Maktab 10250 Penang
Contact number: +6 04 - 219 0000
GPS: 5.435551,100.309931

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