Monday, July 27, 2015

Jump Street Trampoline Park Penang @ D'Piazza Penang

It was quite some time ago that I got invited to the first Jump Street Trampoline Park in Penang which is newly opened in D'Piazza Penang. 
Jump Street Penang is the first ever Trampoline Park also also one of Asia's Largest Trampoline Parks. Other than just typical Trampoline Park, they are also organizing several events to attract more visitors and have fun in the park.

I was invited on a Friday night to attend their "Keep Calm And Jump On" Friday night party. Where Jump Street will bring over some DJ to spin some musics and additional activities will be happening around the park.

The entrance of Jump Street looks pretty normal to me, but I got blown off when I entered the park.

Other than just jumping activities, they are also selling merchandises like T-shirts, Caps, and many more. Food and drinks are also available in the park.

The entrance fee is as below:
RM22 (Off Peak) and RM27(Peak)
Grip Socks is compulsory to enter the park, and it is selling at RM5 per pair

There are house rules that must be obey to keep yourself and others safe

So Jump Street is organizing this "Keep Calm And Jump On" Friday Night party every Friday without any extra charges. They will have break dance session where you can join them if you are capable to do all those street dance.

The event was quite happening and attracted quite a number of visitors.
There was a competition and it is kinda interesting to watch them dancing.

Lockers are available in the park for you to keep your stuff, it is charge at RM4 to RM6 per locker. 

Buy your tickets and your grip socks, then you are ready to have fun!

This was my first Trampoline Park experience and I was rather surprised to find that there are so many activities that you can do with Trampoline Bed.
First section of the park was this Slam Dunk, where you can try to jump on the trampoline to do a Slam Dunk! Though I've failed because I'm afraid that I could tear the basket down. 

Second activity that we could do is this Dodge Ball. The Dodge Ball section was covered with net so that the balls wouldn't hit other people who are not playing. I find it very difficult to play Dodge Ball on Trampoline Beds, but it is rather tiring and a good workout indeed. You should go in a big group to make this game more interesting and exciting as more players could lead to a harder game.

The largest section would be this Main Court, where you can jump freely around all the trampoline beds. It is kind fun if you can be more creative and think of some games or any activities that you can do with your friends. 

Battle Beam was my top favourite game in Jump Street. There will be 2 persons standing on the center bridge and fighting each other with the provided beam. Of course the one who fell first would be out of the game. Though it has got nothing to do with trampoline but I did enjoyed playing this with my friends. Probably because I won the game. Lol.

The next one would be Tower Jump, where you just jump on the Trampoline bed as high as you can and then land on the balloon in front of you. You may think that this is just nothing fun, but how high can you jump on a trampoline bed? It is rather challenging and you won't know until you have try it. 

Another favourite game of mine would be this Foam Pit, where you can do any stunts you want when you are jumping on the trampoline bed and land on the sea of foam. I consider myself did a great job as I can do a flip before landing on the foam. Video proof here!
We had a lot of fun jumping around at Jump Street. Definitely a place that I will come back with my friends!

Lastly, I've created this video for a quick walkthrough to Jump Street Trampoline Park Penang. 
Please enjoy.

Jump Street Trampoline Park Penang @ D'Piazza Penang
Address: 70-1-80 Jalan Mahsuri, 11900 Bayan Baru, Pulau Pinang.
Business hours: Monday - Wednesday 10:00am - 9:00pm, Thursday 10:00am - 11:00pm, Friday 10:00am - midnight, Saturday 9:00am - midnight, Sunday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Price: RM22 (Off Peak: Mondays - Wednesdays), RM27 (Peak: Thursdays - Sundays & Public Holidays)
GPS: 5.325693,100.282127

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