Thursday, July 2, 2015

Revisiting Beep Beep Q @ Bangkok Lane, Penang

It's been awhile since I last went back to Beep Beep Q Restaurant
I've been missing it a lot especially those juicy and tender barbecue meats that make every bite so delicious and satisfying.
I have heard many people have been saying that why Beep Beep Q is only opens at night but not during lunch time?
Good news is, Beep Beep Q is now available during lunch time as well as a la carte menu is now available in the restaurant as they also came to know that some people have small appetite but they wish to try those delicious barbecue dishes in Beep Beep Q. Other than that, they have also got some new items on the menu that will catch your attention for sure!

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Beep Beep Q Restaurant could be a great dining place, especially when you are planning for a bbq party and lazy to prepare. Furthermore you don't need to get your hands dirty, everything can be solved at Beep Beep Q Restaurant. 

Little W of Beep Beep Q do change style from time to time.
I've seen Imin decorated it as Rudolph during Christmas too!

Introducing one of the new drink, Mojito priced at RM15.90 per glass(bottle). A refreshing mocktail that surely goes well with barbecue meats. Mojito is full with the taste of mint, not really my regular drink but it is indeed good to go with grilled meats. Or you can also try their Mojito with Rum (RM25.90) if you would like alcohol in your Mojito.  

Salad is available all night long for those who go with buffet, as well as mashed potatoes, soup and drinks too.

Introducing one of the new item on Beep Beep Q's menu, the ultimate Thai Style Grilled Fish!
This is a picture of how the fish is cook. Wrapped in Aluminium Foil, and there's salt in there!

This is how it looks on the table!
A whole delicious Thai Style Grilled Fish!

Beep Beep Q uses fresh water fish for this dish. The fish was perfectly cook and maintained its moist. As we all know that barbecue fish will tend to become overcooked and the meat will be dry and stick all over the aluminium foil. This one was perfectly done without any mistakes. It is a little salty with a hint of lemongrass. I was told by Imin that this is Thai's traditional grilled fish that they brought over the recipe from Thai. 
Their Thai Style Grilled Fish is only available for advance order only as Beep Beep Q would like to make sure the fish they serve are fresh. So if you would like to try this dish, make sure you make your booking in advance. It is available on the buffet with pre order or a la carte pre order at RM30.00 each. 

Grilled Prawns is priced at RM20.00 per plate. A plate of fresh prawns grilled to perfections. The portion is rather generous for that kind of price. Most importantly is you don't have to stand beside the hot stove yourself and someone will get it done for you. Another highlight would be the lime chilli sauce that went perfectly with the prawns. Simply delicious!

If you have read my previous post.  Then you should know that my top favourite in Beep Beep Q would be this Bacon Wrapped! Now it is also available on the a la carte menu at only RM15 for 8 Bacon Wrapped! It is simply juicy and delicious that golden mushrooms wrapped with bacon and grilled to perfection!

Next would be this thick, juicy and tender Porkloin Chop! It is grilled with their homemade sweet honey sauce. 2 big pieces of pork loin with sides of salad and mashed potato priced at only RM16.00. Don't you think it is consider very cheap?

My previous post also mentioned about how delicious the Lamb Shoulder was. It is also one of the highly recommended item on the a la carte menu priced at RM25.00 per plate. The seasoning was still how it tasted last time, maintaining its quality making me still in love with it and also want more of it! Good job!

The Chicken Thigh on a la carte menu is served along with black pepper sausage. Seasoned with homemade barbecue sauce is also one of the wise choice that made the chicken tasted delicious. I only find it a bit over priced for this dish, RM16.00. I would go for Porkloin Chop for the same price since I'm a big eater. 

Another favourite of mine would be Grilled Fish. The Dory fishes were seasoned with garlic butter sauce and priced at only RM20.00 for a generous portion. Squeeze the sliced lemon into the grilled fish and it will taste heavenly! This dish would just be perfect to me because I'm a big fan of Dory fish as well as garlic butter! They made a perfect match! Highly recommended!

Last but not least, I believe this is also what you guys want! Spicy Chicken Wings!
The a la carte order of Spicy Chicken Wings is priced at RM15.00 per plate. For me, barbecue will not be completed without chicken wings, especially a hot and spicy chicken wings that will stimulate your taste buds. 

I was really happy that I get to try all the delicious dishes in Beep Beep Q Restaurant again! And my newly added favourite would be the Thai Style Grilled Fish! So remember to call them up before going so that you can try out the new dish too!

Beep Beep Q Restaurant
Address: 11, Bangkok Lane, Pulau Tikus, Penang, Malaysia.
Contact No: Imin Chan 017 - 754 1228 / Benjamin Tan 012 - 421 1134
Business hours: Daily 6:00pm - 10:30pm (Buffet & a la carte) & Friday to Sunday 12:00pm - 4:30pm(a la carte only)
Price: Adult @ RM60.00 nett, children @ RM30.00 nett / a la carte
GPS: 5.4321864,100.3129891

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