Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Opening of Honey Creme, The Soft Ice Cream & Bee @ Penang Gurney Plaza

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I'm definitely an ice cream lover and thank god I managed to be the first to try this delicious Ice Cream with Honey Comb, selling at RM14.90 each cup. I would say that it is rather expensive for a cup of ice cream, but if you were to think about them using real honey, then it would consider rather reasonable.

Well I'm pretty lucky to be there early as they were having 2 days of "Buy One Free One" promotion. So I bought 2 cup of ice cream at only RM14.90. It tasted pretty awesome and I didn't expect that honey could go so well with vanilla ice cream! Definitely a must for sweet tooth like me!

Honey Creme is located at the basement floor of Gurney Plaza, it is not difficult to spot on as there are not many stalls around the that floor.
Quickly grab yours today!

170-B1-K16A Gurney Plaza Penang
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