Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Salon Du Chocolat @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

If you are a big fan of Chocolate, this will be an extremely big news for you!
Salon Du Chocolat, the chocolate boutique dessert restaurant who are already famous in KL has finally opened up their first branch in Penang! 

As one of the most popular and people's favourite, Salon Du Chocolat is bring this chocolate fever to Penang targeting all the sweet tooth and chocolate lovers with their signature chocolate desserts like crepe, waffles, brownies, Sundae and many more. 

Salon Du Chocolat is located at the Ground Floor of Gurney Paragon Mall, which was previously where Moo Cow Frozen Yoghurt was located, on the same row with Morganfield's. You can easily spot it if you were to enter from Gurney Drive entrance. 

Inside has got limited seatings, so do expect some queue during peak hours.

They have 3 choices of chocolates, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate.
For most of the dishes on the menu, you will get to choose your preferred chocolate flavours.

It is pretty interesting to see those chocolate sauce flowing from the Chocolate Fountain, which is something I love to see as well, rather appetizing and attractive.

I ordered a Cafe Latte and a half waffle. Latte is priced at RM9.50 for a cup, the coffee was rather bitter nutty which is rather my kind of coffee. Milk froth wasn't smooth enough and it got quite bubbles on the texture. Next time I would want to try their chocolate drinks if I were to go again as they seem good on others' tables.

The chocolate dishes I ordered was Chocolate Waffle (Half). Priced at RM19.00 each, Full waffle would be RM35.00 each. It is rather pricey for a waffle desserts but the chocolate they have added into the waffle has really flooded the waffle. Do expect that it is rather sweet if you are going for white chocolate or milk chocolate. My waffle was average to sweet as I mix dark chocolate with milk chocolate. The waffle was very delicious and little bit of crispy as they cook on the spot. It is rather heavy to have so much chocolate at once, but having this once in a while could be just great!

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Sorry if you find this picture a bit awkward, but it is really too good not to share.
I would want to lick the plate if I could, but it is gonna look very weird if I were to do that.

Salon Du Chocolat @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang
Address: 163D-1-2, G Floor, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, 10250, Georgetown, Penang.
Business hours: Daily 10:00am - 11:00pm (Weekdays), 10:00am - 12:00am(Weekends)
GPS: 5.437111,100.311872

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