Thursday, April 28, 2016

243,000 Healthy Ayam Brand™ Bento Meals For Charity CSR Brings Japanese Cuisine To Penang with Workshop By Celebrity Chef Loke

Ayam Brand has been in Malaysia for 124 years. I was like literarily WOW when I came to know that the brand is actually old but still doing so well in Malaysia!
There are everything we know about Ayam Brand, ranging from tomato beans, canned tuna to all sorts of can food.

Recently I got invited to their CSR event and find it rather interesting that Ayam Brand do contribute a lot to charity body especially all the next generation leaders.
They are introducing an affordable Japanese-style bento to more Malaysians and also promote healthy lifestyle with their healthy canned food.
Also they have invited participants from Cheshire Home Penang, Persatuan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Islam Pulau Pinang, The Salvation Army Children Home Penang and Shan Children’s Home and their representatives to attend the event and learn how to prepare the Japanese bento set together.

As you can see, Ayam Brand promotes a much easier ways to prepare bento that even kids could do. All you need is just grab some of their ready-to-consume canned food like baked beans, fruits, sardine, tuna, sweet corns and so on.

The event started with representatives from Ayam Brand telling us that they have been very active on CSR and give back to the charity. They have been having this campaign for several years and this year they are reaching out to 1350 children, disabled, old folks and single mothers from 50 charity homes in Malaysia and Brunei. Providing them with two months supply of Ayam Brand products sufficient for daily consumption for all residents, while introducing a healthy meal alternative for children and adults.

So all the participants were seated and ready to prepare some affordable and easy-to-made Japanese Bento Sets! 

Every tables were given all the ingredients below, and one person should have below ingredients:
5 pcs of peach
6 pcs of pineapple chunks
3 tablespoons of baked beans
1 pc white toast
1 tablespoon mashed sardine
1 slice Japanese cucumber
1 slice cherry tomato
120gram sushi rice
2 tablespoons tuna in olive oil
2 pcs roasted seaweed
6 pcs sweet corn
1 cherry tomato (cut into 6 wedges)
some coral lettuce

Introducing Chef Loke, a celebrity chef from T-Garden Cooking School.
She taught all of the participants including us step by step on how to prepare the bento starting from mix fruit salad, baked bean, heart shaped sandwich and tuna onigiri. 

 First of all, we were all required to wash our hands for hygiene purposes as we are going to handle the food by bare hands. Or you can use a pair of glove which is very much inconvenience to me.

And then we begin with preparing the easiest dish, the mix fruit salad.
Basically you just have to cut all the fruits given into smaller pieces and mix together.
As easy as anyone could be able to do.

Then Chef Loke also taught us how to prepare the heart-shaped sandwich. Which will make your bento much prettier and cute.

Then I also slowly cut my breads and follow all the steps instructed by Chef Loke.

All the participants especially the children were quite excited but anticipated. Can tell that they were really interested and find the cooking workshop rather fun.

They were listening carefully while Chef Loke demonstrate every steps on how to prepare the bento. 

To save up time, the sushi rice was precook and we only have to carefully put it together and prepare the onigiri with the mould given.

After less than 10 minutes, tadaaaaaaa~~~~!!!
Here's my own bento that prepared by myself! Please tell me that it is cute!

An Ayam Brand healthy Japanese Bento that is easy to prepare and delicious to consume!
I really like the apron given!

A group photo of all the participants and representatives! 

 Look how happy they were posing with their self-made Japanese bento!
I believe they really enjoyed the workshop.

Hence, Ayam Brand will be distributing 243,000 healthy Ayam Brand bento meals for the 50 charity homes in Malaysia and Brunei this year providing them 2 months supplies of healthy food. It was quite a meaningful and fun event organized by them.
Do hope that I can really get involve with this kind of event more often.

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