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Up and Above European Cuisine @ Pulau Tikus Penang

An interesting restaurant that offers interesting menu, Up and Above European Cuisine is a newly joined restaurant in the Pulau Tikus area. Mainly focus on affordable yet quality cuisine to be served to the customers, Up and Above European Cuisine is ready to give everyone an extraordinary yet afforable semi fine dining experience. 

Up and Above European Cuisine focus on creative cooking and modern way to present their dishes, giving customers a unique dining experience from the moment they stepped into the restaurant until the moment they leave the restaurant. 

Up and Above European Cuisine is located at Cantonment Road, next to the famous Sister Cook, or directly opposite Maybank / Public Bank. You will see it on your left if you are on your way to Gurney or Kelawei Road and going through Cantonment Road. 

This place is rather spacious and suitable for couple dining as it offers a romantic and warm environment. There are 2 floors which can accommodate up to 50 - 70 pax, or you can also book their first floor for private functions. 

A cozy and elegant table setting for dining.

This place is rather cozy and the decorations are simple yet elegant. I like how creative and playful the logo is.

We started our meal with a Mushroom Soup (RM17.00) that comes with a bread and their homemade truffle butter. The soup has got the right thickness, creaminess and smoothness, it goes perfectly with the bread and the chef also added a some sliced mushrooms for customers to enjoy a little bite.
Clam Chouder and Roasted Tomato Bacon soup are also available.
What really amazed us was this tiny little truffle butter specially prepared by Chef Thomas himself to surprise their guests. He told us that there are no other restaurants in Penang that serves truffle butter, but all around are the normal boring butter so he thought he could do something special for the customers. He uses real truffle and also a little bit of truffle oil to make the truffle tasted so well and smooth.

Another surprising dish was this 60 Degrees Soft Cook Organic Egg (RM16.00) that serves as Amuse Bouche of the meal. The egg was perfectly done like the way I was expecting, a soft cooked egg that maintains its smooth and fair texture and the running yolk. Served with crispy croutons, king oyster mushrooms and a bit of saltiness from chicken jus.
The runny yolk is what amazed me the most, and you don't need me to remind you of the natural sweetness from the yolk of organic eggs. They are delicious and addictive!

Another dish available on the Amuse Bouche menu is the Seared Hokkaido Scallops (RM26.00). The price could be a little bit pricy but it is not when you take your first bite on the soft and tender seared scallops that served with the white wine foam. Also not forget to mention the slight fresh and sweetness from trout caviar. All ingredients used are in good quality and fresh.

Smoked Duck Salad(RM25.00) is kinda refreshing with the whole combination of vegetables, feta cheese, fresh mandarin and not forgetting the red wine dressing. The combination was great and the red wine dressing is really something and very special to me.

Prawn & Prosciutto Ham Salad (RM33.00) features that fresh cuts and also every little twist that made the salad tasted different. It is served with pink-peppercorn dressing which I've never tasted before. Rather special and something extraordinary to me.
Care for a bite?

Our first main features a uniquely presented Seared Artisanal Smoked Salmon(RM58.00) that came to our table exactly the same as shown in below photo. A dish covered in smoke and trapped in a glass dome waiting to be presented to the diners.

When you open the glass dome, smoke will come out and you will catch a little burnt and smokey scents. Then a plate of great and nicely presented Seared Artisanal Smoked Salmon will be served to you. This plate features artisanal smoked salmon that goes well with vanilla cream foam and also sides with caramelized apple, zucchini, onion pickles and potato as well.

Meat lovers can go for their Braised Australian Beef Brisket(RM68.00) that offers a generous portion of 3 big pieces of beef brisket and some sides. Definitely suits the diners that has got big appetite, otherwise this plate of goodness would be recommend for sharing portion as you can't really finish it alone.

The beef brisket was rather tender and soft, it was really good as per told by Ken, Ling Tze and CK.
People who know me sure know that I don't take beef. 

One of my favourites of the night would be this juicy and tender Braised Pork Cheek with Red Wine(RM38.00) that comes with sides like crush potato, charred onion and asparagus as well. 

The texture of the pork cheek was really perfect to my liking and I don't even have to bite hard cause I can simply tear it with fork. It tells how soft the pork cheek is and it was good that you can taste it with a hint of red wine in your dish.

Last but not least, we were impressed with this plate of Sous Vide Flavourful Herb Chicken(RM30.00) that comes with some mashed, baby carrots and king oyster mushrooms and flavoured with chic jus as well.
The chicken was well done and still maintained its tenderness, not overly cooked or under cooked and properly seasoned. Only we find it that you have to eat it together with the mashed that will make this dish taste perfect as it is meant to be taken that way.

There are not many selections on the dessert menu as Up and Above European Cuisine still focus on their mains and appetizers than just the desserts itself. Picture shown below is Tarte Tatin(RM18.00), an apple tart that has got almond tuille and served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. 

We were also served with Rashberry Mousse Cake with Fruit(RM28.00) that comes with a chocolate ice cream, caramelized walnuts, and apricot coulis. The sourness from the mousse cake itself was neutralised by the sweetness from ice cream and also the apricot coulis that served along.

Last but not least, we were also presented to the 2 different flavours of Crème Brulee(RM12.00). One is the original crème brulee with the other one is orange crème brulee.
If you would like to ask me which one is my favourite, I prefer the original one I would say.

Other than the a la carte dishes, Up and Above European Cuisine also serves set lunch that is available from RM17.00+ onwards, available daily from 12:00pm to 2:30pm.

Something extra for all diners is the power point is that available on every table that allows you to charge your devices or any of your computers while you dine here or have a cup of coffee or a plate of dessert here with your friends and family.

Full menu of Up and Above European Cuisine, please click on it to enlarge it.

*Many thanks to CK Lam for the invitation and Up and Above European Cuisine for hosting us that lovely evening*

Up and Above European Cuisine @ Pulau Tikus Penang
Address: 37-D, Jalan Cantonment, 10350 Pulau Tikus, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Contact no: +6012 - 407 9168
Email address:
Business hours: Daily 12:00pm to 2:30pm and 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Facebook page:
GPS: 5.4322737,100.3118783

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