Friday, June 24, 2016

2nd Anniversary & New Menu Preview @ DCOVA, Penang Logan Heritage

Being one of the best cafe in Penang, DCOVA is celebrating their 2nd anniversary this year!
In conjunction with the 2nd anniversary, DCOVA also introduced their 2 new pasta flavours and one of them is available for LIMITED TIME ONLY

Stepping into 2nd anniversary, DCOVA is still standing strong in Penang as one of the best cafe in Penang that could serve very nice pasta. DCOVA also introduced their 2 new pasta flavour, the Chicken Teriyaki Pasta and Sakura Ebi Pasta.

DCOVA is still my favourite cafe whenever I think of having a decent lunch or dinner. I would always recommend this place to all my friends who asked "Where can I find good pasta?"
The only problem would be the car park, especially during afternoon time as this area gets quite busy.

Their beverage menu is still the same, only added a few new items on the list. I would still come here for coffee though as it is cheaper than other cafes out there.

Yuzade (RM14.90) is one of the new item on the previous menu launching, and it is still one of the best seller thus far. The taste of Yuzu is not very common in Penang hence it is really something special and refreshing. Iced Chocolate is priced at RM10.50 and definitely would be kids' favourite. 

Raspberry Dream(RM11.50) is one of the DCOVA's signature drinks.
I like how it was presented in champagne glass, looks really classy and elegant. 

Aussie Strong Latte (RM10.00)
The normal Caffe Latte is my usual coffee, no matter which cafe I go, I will pick only Caffe Latte from the menu. When I was about to order my usual latte, I was stopped by Ling Tze and she told me that I should try their Aussie Strong Latte as I'm a coffee lover.
I was happy with her recommendation and my decision, this coffee is indeed different from the regular latte out there. I kinda like it's strong coffee aroma and also the medium body of the latte, a bitter type of coffee is just my thing.

Goma Salad (RM11.90) is one of the new item for the next coming menu. This salad is really appetizing and could get you ready for your main. You could order this portion and share it with your friends, or you could also have it alone if you are having a diet too.
It has a strong savory smell that comes from the dressing itself. We were told that they have added fats from bacons for the salad which made it rather delicious and appetizing.

[Limited Time Only]
One of the highlight for our dinner was the beautifully created Sakura Ebi Pasta(RM26.90). DCOVA specially flew in one of the signature local products in Japan and it is not common in Malaysia. I've first encountered it during 59sixty's special dining event and it was quite memorable. You may refer to my previous dining experience at 59sixty at

Sakura Ebi is not like our regular shrimps that we can get on the market and it is not available in Malaysia yet. Sakura Ebi is rather flavourful and much fragrant than our regular shrimps, using them in the pasta has further enhanced the taste of the pasta, and the crispy Sakura Ebi are really comforting and went well with the pasta. 
I would highly recommend this dish to all my friends. 

Next is the Chicken Teriyaki Pasta(RM26.90) that kinda like a fusion from Italian Pasta with Japanese Teriyaki. It is the sweet and delish teriyaki sauce and the juicy chicken thigh meats that made this dish rather flavourish. What further enhanced the taste of this dish was the grilled leeks and the seaweed that topped on this pasta. I'm glad that they came up with these 2 new pastas that I got more selections now.

My all time favourite Y&G(RM9.90), stands for Yoghurt & Granola. It is totally a healthier choice for you. Portion is rather big hence it is also good for sharing, or perhaps you can have this for breakfast too!

Matchamisu(RM18.90) is one of the new dessert on the menu. 
As how it is named, it is the Matcha version of Tiramisu with a slight hint of Choya to bring out the great taste of Matcha in this creamy and smooth creation. Price would be on the expensive side but it is definitely worth for the taste and experience.

In conjunction with DCOVA's 2nd anniversary celebrations, the cafe is giving out lots of freebies for all their customers!
This year, they have prepared Food & Beverage vouchers, and what's special is the limited edition Pendrive
Dine and spend in DCOVA today and you will be able to grab these deals with below conditions:
Minimum spending of RM100 in a single receipt, you will be entitled to the lucky draw of:
- Feast & Drinks On Us (Main Dish + Drink)
- Dessert On Us (Dessert)

Furthermore, if you were to spend above RM160 in a single receipt, you will be able to receive a complimentary 8GB Limited Edition DCOVA Card Pendrive too! 
Other terms & conditions apply.

What are you waiting for? Head over to DCOVA today and enjoy the range of delicious pasta and grab their limited promotions now!

DCOVA @ Logan Heritage, Penang
Address: Logan Heritage No. 4 Lebuh Bishop, George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Business hours: Daily 10.00am - 10.00pm, Friday & Saturday 10.00am - 12.00am
Contact no: 04-261 3121
GPS: 5.418622,100.3423885
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