Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Where To Float | Float Rental In Penang

Having a pool party? You definitely need something so colourful to made your party more happening and fun!
Let's add a little bit more colour to all your pool party now with some GIANT and colourful floats from Where To Float today!
Where To Float is a float rental services from Penang. They are providing all sorts and all kinds of floats for rental in Penang.

Giant Doughnuts!
Wanna have a bite?

Magical Creature is the most popular float ever, The Unicorn
I was really happy when I got this on my hand as I've been seeing a lot of friends posting their pictures playing at the pool with this magical creature and I really wanted to get one too.
Thank god Where To Float contacted me and finally I get to have some fun with the unicorn!

If you are renting the floats from Where To Float, they also provide free electronic pumps for all their customers, also FREE delivery to certain areas in Penang

If you are throwing a pool party, why not also add some colours and fun activities in your swimming pool? Where To Float could come in handy for the precious moment!

You must be wondering how they would charge for their floats rental, please refer below! 
It is only RM10 for a day! Yes, RM10 only!

Apart from those giant floats, they also have some other stuff for pool parties like waterproof phone casing, little small swan and many more cute floats. 

 Pool parties just got more fun with these cute floats, don't you think?

Pink swan! Girls' favourite I suppose?

Ready to dip in now?

Contact Where To Float today and see what cute floats they have for you!

Contact number
012-531 5014

Facebook page


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