Monday, June 6, 2016

Crabby Claws Seafood Feast @ Lone Pine Hotel

It's time for seafood feast and also time to get your hands dirty!
Time to put away all the cutleries and eat with your hands!

Serving seafood on table has becoming a latest trend in restaurants these days.
Being one of the iconic beach side hotel, Lone Pine Hotel also come out with their latest promotion call "Crabby Claws"!
From the name of their promotion we can tell that it has got something to do with crabs.
Indeed they are following the current trend and now serving seafood feast on the table for this promotion!

Crabby Claws is served at The Bungalow, the outlet that is located next to Lone Pine Hotel's swimming pool and also you will get to enjoy a great sea view as it is also next to Batu Ferringhi beach. 

For me, I wouldn't mind to chill at the place whole day for the nice sea breeze and relaxing ambience. It will be a perfect getaway to have a short break holiday at this hotel by the beach.

So we have all the seafood ready.
Crabby Claws promotion comes in 2 types, the a la carte style, or there are 2 promo sets as per below: 
Set A (RM79.00nett)
300g prawns
180g squids
150g clams
150g flower clams
Sweet peas
(Selections of sauces: Kam Heong / Sweet & Sour / Indonesian Curry)
Set B(RM138.00nett)
500g mud crab
300g prawns
180g squids
150g clams
150g flower clams
Sweet peas
*Both sets served with your choice or garlic bread, Mantou bread or Steamed Rice*
Alternatively, you can choose from the a la carte menu which is available below too. All the dishes were generously served and worth for the price you pay.

For the a la carte menu, you can also go to their action counter and select your own seafood, choices available are quite variety and enough for a seafood feast.
Below there are mud crabs, flower crabs and prawns.

Also, there are fishes available on the menu. They will serve fish as Ikan Panggang(Grilled Fish) style to their customers. All you gotta do is to pick your own fish and they will grill it on the spot.
Choices available on that night was golden pomfret, black promfret, seabass, stingray and squids.

There are other shellfishes like clams, mussels, scallops and many more available on the menu.

My eyes definitely aim at the juicy and huge scallops!

Other than that, they also serve stir fry fresh vegetables. All the choices are depending on what are available on the menu of the day. Bringing in only the fresh harvest of the day.

Ready to get your hands dirty?

First, you must put on the provided CUTE Aprons on to avoid stains on your clothes or your body.

Grill whole fishes are featuring their fresh catches of the day.
It is also depends on what's available on the day and you can choose from their available choices and chefs will grill those fishes on the spot.
Chefs in action!
It is highly recommended to go with their homemade chilli paste for the grilled fish.
Their sauce was really appetizing and rather hot too!

Set A served with Garlic Breads and cooked in Sweet & Sour Sauce.

Set B with Steamed Rice cooked in Kam Heong Sauce.
We thought that the Kam Heong Sauce tasted kinda similar to Indonesian Curry Sauce, it is just that Indonesian Curry Sauce tasted even nicer than the Kam Heong Sauce.

Set A with Fried Mantou cooked in Indonesian Curry Sauce.
*highly recommended*
Among all, Indonesian Curry Sauce is the most recommended option as it was just the perfect spiciness, the herbs were blended perfectly to bring out the fresh and sweetness of seafood too. I wouldn't mind to be served with some white rice to go with this dish. Also their Fried Mantou was one of the best I've ever tasted too though it is just a humble food like this.

Freshly grilled seafood, served best with their homemade assam sauces.

So what now?
Book your table and go with bare hands now!

The Bungalow @ Lone Pine Hotel Penang
Address: 97, Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang, Malaysia
Contact no: +604 - 8868566
GPS: 5.47624,100.250136

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