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Lauching of New Ice Cream Flavours @ Mag Store, Gurney Paragon

Ice cream lovers like me would never want to miss another chance to taste new ice cream. Especially unique ice cream flavours that would attract most people with their creativity.
Those who have read my previous post about the opening of the first Magstore mini supermarket in Malaysia would know that I've tried several ice cream flavours at Magstore Gurney Paragon.
In case if you have not read my previous post yet, here's the link: http://www.jjzai.com/2015/12/grand-opening-of-mag-store-malaysia.html about their special flavours and also the beautifully presented ice creams that successfully captured the attention of all Penangites.

So ever since my first visit to Magstore, I've been going back very often sometimes to grab some snacks, sometimes to have their ice cream. With no doubt that their ice cream flavours are really creative and attracted me a lot. 

For this quarter, they are lauching their 4 new flavours, which are sour, sweet, salty and spicy.
All flavourings are mainly with natural and healthy ingredients. 

Soft and milky Yoobi Ice Cream! 

As usual, they will still use dry ice and Earl Grey tea to enhance the smell and visual of the ice cream and further added some surprises to the presentation of the ice cream.

First, I started with the sour Yoobi Ice Cream.
Look at how magical it was presented!

The flavouring uses beetroot and also lemon vinegar.
As you can see, they have sprinkled beetroot powder that made from fresh beetroot and the syrup in the syringe is actually lemon vinegar that further enhances the sourness in that ice cream. As the Yoobi Ice Cream base is sweet by its nature.

Next I've gone to try the sweet flavour that uses Goji Berry and also white chocolate powder.
Goji Berry is a type of healthy seed that we usually use in cooking herbal soup or chinese medicines. 

The sweetness in this ice cream wasn't really the type that would make you feel overly sweet but it is perhaps a more fragrantly sweet as the flavouring is much into the taste of the ice cream and does not contribute much to the sweetness, the sweetness still comes from the Yoobi Ice Cream itself. 
And I personally like the topping that I can still chew something on my ice cream, which are the tiny little pieces of white chocolate and also the goji berry. 

What I've been waiting for is the salty ice cream flavour.
I would have never know what they used for the flavouring if I didn't ask.
It was my favourite CHEESE!
Yes, they are using parmesan cheese powder which is salty in nature and the sauce in syringe is pineapple juice. 

Among all of the new flavours, my favourite would definitely be this one!
The pineapple juice just blended perfectly with the cheese powder and Yoobi Ice Cream!

Last but not least, a rather surprising flavour for spicy flavour ice cream.
I'm really a big fan to their Wasabi Flavoured Ice Cream last time, but it is also sad to hear that they are no longer serving there.
But on the other hand, I was really surprised with this new flavoured that uses dark chocolate powder that mixes with chilies! 

I was really impressed by the perfectly blended flavour, where you can taste bitter and followed bit a tiny bit of spiciness after taste from the ice cream. Definitely a WOW for first try!

The all new brochure focusing on the new ice cream flavours and the delicious snacks by Magstore, Curry Fish Ball, Hong Kong Style Egg Puffs and Takoyaki! 

A fan of green tea?
They have all sorts of Matcha products available in store! 

 Next is one of their new products, the Curry Fish Ball!
I'm really a big fan of Curry Fish Ball but I can hardly find them in Penang. The only one I find quite decent was the one in Prangin Mall.

 Chewy fish balls anyone?

I was really in love with their Curry Fish Ball. It was so aromatic and they have added so much spices that the curry tasted really good. And the potato cubes that come with the fish ball was really soft and great. They have absorbed the curry sauce hence it was very delicious!
Hong Kong Style Egg Puffs!
There are places that sell these egg puffs in different style. The one at Magstore is thin and really crispy! They also comes in different flavours like shredded cheese, chicken floss, chocolate chips and red beans! 

I kinda like their texture and also the strong taste of egg in the egg puffs. Unlike some others that I can taste only flour in their egg puffs.  

Next is their signature Takoyaki. I had this during my previous visit and wasn't really impressed by the taste. However, I was told that they have changed and improved their recipe now. So I gave it another try.

A kind act to inform their customers.
The Takoyaki are really smoking hot! I burnt my tongue when I had this!

Wanna take a bite? 
The Takoyaki was indeed improved and tasted a lot better than the previous time. And the portion was really enough for one person, or perhaps you can share it with your friends too.

U can see there are those tiny little pieces of Tako(Squid) inside the Takoballs. They were chewy and great. 

I'm a super instant noodle fans and I never miss any chances of grabbing instant noodles whenever I go for grocery shopping. And here in Magstore, I can find a lot of imported instant noodles, especially the pork ramens that are really GOOD! 

There are all sorts of cute candies available too.
I'm sure you children would not want to leave the moment they step in!

All sorts of snacks, biscuits, noodles!
They are mostly o

If you notice carefully, those are the creative stuff from Japan that you need to make your own snacks or food. Those are the things that you can buy for your children and they can learn how to play "masak-masak", but what different from last time was this "masak-masak" are actually edible!

 Something that got my attention!
You will not be a stranger to these snacks especially the one on top right.
They are Crayon Shin Chan's favourite snacks!

Cute stuff in store! You can decide whether you want to be a batman. 
 Or a bunny! 

I bought these 2 Vitasoy and I love it!
They are not sweet but rather milky instead, simply good and very "soyful" 

Even simple drinking waters look cute and attractive!
I'm sure you children will love it! 

Their very new products! Imported Starbucks Coffee!

Here are some of my damages, things that are hard to resist..... 

So what now?
You can't leave this store with your hands empty because everything seem so attractive especially all those imported snacks from mainly Japan, Korea and Hong Kong!
Furthermore, they have newly added a new store at Queensbay Mall months ago, for those who are staying at the Bayan Baru or Bayan Lepas area will not have to come all the way to Gurney Paragon just to try those new ice cream flavours!

Magstore Mini Supermarket @ Gurney Paragon
Address: Lot.l5.l16 & L5.17, Level 5, Gurney Paragon Mall, Jalan Kelawei, 10250 Penang.
Business hours: Daily 10:00am - 10:00pm
Contact no: 04-6420 964
Email: magstore.malaysia@gmail.com
GPS: 5.437111,100.311872

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