Sunday, December 30, 2007

Friendship or Relationship?

If you have to choose between relationship and friendship.
What is your choice?
If one day, your lover and your best friend are facing danger at the same time,
who will you save first?
This is a very sensitive question, and kinda hard to get the answer.
For me, i will choose my best friend.
Why? Do you think you can just simply tell everything to your lover?
A best friend that understand you will be better than 10 lovers that love you.
What makes me feel that best friend is better than lover are:
  • You cannot simply tell everything to your lover, but your best friend.
  • You don't have to hide anything from your best friend, but your lover
  • You won't be mad although you are quarrel with your best friend, but your lover.
  • You don't have to care about who you hang out with.
  • You have your freedom, your space, your life.
Got it?
And what will you guys choose?
I am lazy to explain, things will become complicate when comes out from my mouth.
Silent is the best answer.


SaeWei said...

I have to disagree with you lor.. Both Lover and best friend are equally IMPORTANT!

If one doesn't give a damn about the lover then might as well stay single lar.. Just my two cents.. ;)

Btw, Happy New Year JJ!!!!
May you have a great year ahead :)

SilverIsle said...

I dare to say that I'm a person who really treasures friendship. But I too have to disagree with you that best friend is better than lover. =)

But who will I save first leh? I'll see who needs it more lor.

Anywayz, happy 2008 oh!

Unknown said...

My lover is my best fren =) But if u do have a lover, maybe u should also make sure u can still hang out with others, still have freedom & space.

Happy new year JJ! Have a grea year ya! =)

JJ Jason said...

Saewei u hiao lar!!!!!
SilverIsle, me too, i really appreciate all the friends that i have.
Crescenet, sorry but i dont understand ur language, English can?
Aaron, who knows? maybe? Lol
Happy New Year to u all too!