Saturday, December 8, 2007

Shouters @ Badminton

Went to play badminton with Shouters
aL, Pippo, Wendy, Ralph, Deviline, Bryan, Colleen, Chin Choo and their friends.
Come on, Let's catch them in actions!
Pippo in actions!
Deviline in actions!
The Eveready Wendybee!
Another one
Ali in actions!
Colleen in actions!
Showing some Zeroes's power!Couples' Fight!I want it again!!!!!!


Satkuru said...

so fun ler. if only i was there :P you didn't go is it ?

wonderbunny said...

lol... wendy is in a battle with her badminton racquet... ohmmm~~~

dEvIlInE said...

it was certainly fun~! i hope to make it as a weekly exercise for us ya. :)
any suggestion for cheaper or FOC court? satkuru join us for our next session ya.....

btw, my whole bod ache till now.....akibat long time didnt exercise :P

Chuckie Cotton said...

i bought my racket a year ago, but never ever touch it b4...

JJ Jason said...

Satkuru, i am the photographer lar, no one take picture for me, sobs~
Erlynda, she got zeroes's power, very geng one.
Devil!!!! i want!!! make it to every weekend!!!!!
Charles, then why you buy it? =.="

Dave Corner said... shouout many activities frm shoutout..not bad.