Saturday, December 22, 2007

Meet Up With Photographer

Fattien, Mich, Eugene, Kwong and his friend came to Penang
Then me, Chee Hsien, Willazz and Hung Wei went to met them
I wonder how Fattien take pictures like this?Take pictures like crazy of a fly?Camwhore in the air~I also siao a bitStupid pimples keep on growing after the BBQ party


miChi3 said...

i also dunno why recently grow so many pimples on my face. :(

This is not good. Better dun think of it too much..:/

Anyway, I want to be like that fly too! :p

Anonymous said...

hey!!! nice to meet you yah!! :D I was back to KL yesterday. Really thankz for hanging out with us. I am really happy in Penang. I really got close up shot of the fly..lolz. Btw, Super Happy Merry xtmas!!!

wonderbunny said...

haha.. the fly din fly away meh? so many cameras "attacking" it... its moment of glory... hahaha~~~

SilverIsle said...

LOLz. They very crazy kan? Haha. said...

pls add me in soon, next week will get my DSLR already... ;Þ