Monday, December 10, 2007

Meet With KL Bloggers

Last 2 week, Smashpop, Douglas, Joshua and Aaron the Woolala came to Penang for a trip.
So, met up with them, dinner, crap + chat+ laugh.
It is cool that they feel that my sms ringtone is so annoying.
Smashpop last night send me a sms and said that his sixth sense telling him that i heard mosquito sounds before reading that message too. XD
Other than the KL gang, I also met up with Sae Wei, Itchy, Sc_Bone, Lasker, Jane, Genova, and Ah Lok for the seafood dinner. Cheap + Nice.
Besides that, we bang into Benjipapa, Wendy, Abigail, Baby D and Hung Wei too.
Now Let's enjoy the pictures.
Pictures from Sae Wei

Jane & Wendy[Both Princess]Time to camwhore

We are trying to do the jump, but failed

Thanks Lasker for the pictures
Next time come to Penang again!!!!!
*waiting for Fattien's gang this time.


Nick Chan said...

hey jj, I see you!

wonderbunny said...

hehe... the last picture funny.. like itik pose only... kekeke~~

Unknown said...

Haha! Funny la you guys jump jump! Not that you all fail at jumping... need SLR camera to take jump photos... normal digital camera need to auto focus every shot mah... so by the time it snap your photo you finish jumping dee... swt but still so funny see you all in different "jump" pose!

JJ Jason said...

Ho Ho! That day if i didnt call you, you cant recognize me!
ISH! Nicholas!
Erlynda, Must use DSLR to jump baru can.
Anna, ya lor, next time must use DSLR, but we poor mar, no money buy~ sobs~