Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big Headed Photos!

Classes will always be boring.
This is what photographers and bloggers will do when they feel bored.
They camwhored.
And this time, we brought you something special!
Let's look at these big headed photos!!!!!

(my classmate)

How can you miss me out!

Then we go by group!
Sherlyn first!

Tannie a.k.a Ketiak

I cannot be miss out!!!!

Here are some shots that i snapped on this afternoon during our finance class.
We are just bored. lol.
Me weird face

Kissing fish[with specs]

Kissing fish[without specs]

We are too bored

And also thanks to Charles who helps us on those big headed photos!
Let's do it again! Wheeeeeee!!!
Without these people, i think i will just have some boring college life alone.
You guys made my day! Teeeeheeeee!!!!


Xherlyn said...

ahhh.. gua mia muka!! lolx

TZ said...

i could understand how u feel on finance class ... crunching all the numbers... sometime it'll be bore :->

LoUraiNe said...

hehehehe. cute.. i wanna try that too.. got boring hours here at the office..


William said...

I dare not take such close photos. My complexion would not stand up to such scrutiny!