Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Prom Night PTPL College Penang 2008

It is our Prom Night on 16th of August!
Preparation began at 4.30p.m.
Thanks Xue Liang for car pool me.
Went for a hair cut then off we go to E&O hotel!
Reached there earlier, at around 5something.
Then i met Charles, he was there for rehearsal.
I can see that his face got more than 4 or 5 layers, it is so obvious of those make up.
Then Ralph, Emily, Sherlyn, Richard, Zeon and Warren reached there in just a while.
A group photo before before everything
Let's meet shouters!
From left: Richard, Emily, Sherlyn, Zeon, Charles, Me, Ralph, 9pek9bo

It was so early and we have some fun there before it start.
Weird pose

Meet Hasniza, fresh new blogger.

This fella came all the way from Singapore
Dong Fang Richard!

Emily, Richard and Sherlyn presenting all the Prom King and Queen candidates photos

I captured a few
Has is one of the Prom Queen candidates

Same thing goes to Charles!
He is one of the Prom King Candidates

Their group photos

After that we enter the grand ballroom of E&O Hotel.
Kinda excited actually, first time attending this kind of event.
Then we sat at table no.3!
Azzahir managed to reached before the prom start
Some changes on me and Sherlyn

Ralph a.k.a Ketiak
No matter how hard i try to edit, i can't tan his skin =.="

Big Papa & Big Mama

Emily, Wendy & Unknown
Wendy looks like a bride!

Coursemate! Since the first semester until now, Vicky missing?!
Ah Hir why you close your eyes lar?!

Above are just a a part of the people.
So the night begun with some dance of the Student Representative Council members

Then Ex-Prom King & Ex- Prom Queen perform their dance moves

Candidates are all here!
Dancing and introduction of themselves to all the people!

Time to cure our hunger!
Everyone was waiting for the foods.
First Dish

All the hungry ghosts

Warren @ next table

Within few minutes

Then it is table draw session.
Our table, table 3 won some prizes for all!
Emily represent us to get the prizes

2nd dish

Time for those candidates to perform!
Prom King Candidates' Performance!
This guy performing Guitar & Sing

Charles singing
He won most of the claps

Gino performing Hip-Hop Dance

Prom Queen Candidates' Performance
Sorry but i MISSED it
Was busy having the 3rd dish, Fish.
They even operate the fish until i cannot get to take picture. =.=
Short photography session
Azzahir pose!

Emily's friend, let's meet Edrick & his girlfriend

4th dish

Before the next dish!
It is time for the first round of lucky draw session!
zero! zero! one! eight!
Wheeehooo!!! i got myself a leather wallet!


Emily got a Panasonic Cordless Phone!

Continue with foods and blah blah blah on the stage
5th dish
2 cups of warm lemon tea

Eh?! What are we going to do with that? =.=
These 2 fellas pretend wanna drink it

Actually it is for you to wash your hands after eating those prawns!

Another photography session
People in my table, excluded Haz
she was busy with her performance

Meet my junior, Emily[funny & friendly girl]

Time to vote for the best candidate to become Prom King & Queen!

Meet ShoutOut LauJiaos!

Prom Queen candidate!

From left: Tom, Hui Zhen, Charles, Elyn & Jeff[Elyn's prom date]
Lala pose 1,2,3,4,5

Hui Zhen & Charles
Do they looks match? giggles!

Elyn & Charles

Me & Elyn

Hui Zhen & Me

Amanda, David, Me & Elaine

The last round of lucky draw session continue!
Sherlyn got Dinner @ E&O for 2 pax!

I missed the 6th dish also!
Too happy for Sherlyn and busy talking with all of them.
Then jump to the last dish!
Pumpkin + Sago + Mint = Weird Taste
Me & Sherlyn don't like it

Ladies & Gentlemen!
The Prom King & Prom Queen of PTPL College 2008

Then another photography session before we left!
Warren & Me

I only know Sharon =.=

This picture included: Mr.Ernest, Hasniza, Zeon, Azzahir,
Charles, Ralph, Richard, Emily, Sherlyn & Me

9pek9bo, Haz & Me

Me & Xue Liang

Elaine, Sherlyn & Me

Big group lala pose!
Upper row from left:1.Sherlyn 2.Hasniza 3.Sivani 4.WanWei 5.Rebx 6.Amanda 7.HuiZhen 8.Elyn
Lower row from right: 1.Me 2.Jeff 3.Tom 4.David 5.Charles 6.Adrian 7.Richard 8.Frankie 9.Zeon 10.Azzahir 11.Ralph

We found that the stairs outside very pretty and classic,
So they ended up taking pictures again.
Sherlyn, Hasniza & Emily

In case you don't know what we call picture spoiler?
This picture will tell you!

The Hunks!

The Chicks!

Thanks everyone for making my night meaningfull!
This will be my unforgettable memories!


TheJessicat said...


i can see that.. and ZOMG u missed the prom queens' performance??? are u alright??? hahhahaha not like u wor


and whoa, sherlyn looks so unhappy in all the photos wor =(

im so proud of our charleskey!!

btw, i just updated my blog oso

Unknown said...

omg omg, really a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong post..... hehhe....
well, you had a fun night..!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, yea i'm sure many of us had fun during prom. Hahahaha And ur table was also very lively hahahaha

congrats on ur leather wallet :)

Warren Tan TL

millymin said...

Aduihh... Si warren ni nvr congratulate me also! ANyway, Your junior sajer yg frenly. Then apa ngan SENIOR EMILY Ni???

Xherlyn said...

one of the hungry ghost is here... *WUUUU....* xD

millymin said...

WENDY's wedding la. She is not even attending a prom~