Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bitch! I Am Not Someone That You Can Simply Mess With!

As what you can see from the title.
Today i am gonna blog about "someone" not mentioning any names here
Someone that has fucking pissed me off.
Story goes like this.
When this mother fucker jerk was talking to his so called dogs staffs.
I asked one of his staff about something else.
And I don't know what the fuck hell is going on and he yelled at me.
Then he stared at me and saying that "I am briefing, ok? I am briefing"
Fine! I just stared back at him and he don't dare to look at me anymore.
Out of the anger.
I went for "someone" who is higher position instead.
I told all the truth, then stick back to my own task then.
They are supporting me.
They knew about this problems since long long time ago.
It is getting worse.
They will take some actions before the next incident happen again.

At the end of this post.
I would like to say.

Not only as a staff, but a human!

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Raymond said...

When u r in the corporate world, i guess you better get use to it. it happens to everybody all the time and nothing is done. "it's all in a day's work" as they say. I've been working in 2 big companies and i've been shouted at, embarassed and had my back poked by other people. but the worst part is, this happens to EVERYBODY. the higher up the ladder you go, the more shit they are going to throw at you, coz you have more responsibilities. That's working life, and no one can escape it. Yes, things can be done. You can complain about it. But its gonna happen again, believe me. The only way to solve it i believe is not to cry over it, accept your fault, but also stand tall. Me and and all collegues fight and fuck each other up everyday, but how do we cope with this shit everyday? We argue, make our stand, and have a drink at the end of the day. You go ask any senior employee or manager and they will argee to this. Its always nothing personal, its just business....