Saturday, June 29, 2013

Club Asahi Miami @ Soju Room Penang

There was another awesome party happened in Penang last week.
I am proud that I was invited by Nuffnang to attend this awesome party!
Not forget to thank Asahi Malaysia for throwing this party in Penang too!
Well, it is the ultimate Club Asahi Miami party happened in Soju Room Penang!
It was another great party and here goes the pictures to describe everything that happened that night!

A photo with the sexy models and friends before entering Soju Room

 Just like all other parties, Club Asahi Miami also practices "Drink Responsibly" 

How can you miss taking photo with some hot chick over there?

Here it is, free flow of Asahi for the whole Club Asahi Miami party! 

Had some fun with at the photobooth

Here are all the party peoples!
I'm pretty sure that they all enjoyed the night!

Some of them are my ex school mates, nice meeting you all there!
Especially you, Lay Kim

Another group of happy party people!

If you previously read my post on Hennessy Kyrios posts, you will know who they are.

My brother and his group of friends

Met some old friends too!

Well, this hot chick is here to punish those bad boys and bad girls!
Nah, she was actually one of the dancers of that night.

Also met with Henry and Christer with their friends!

Funny people, all my brother's friends!

Posing with the Asahi!

Also met Minny Chan and Imin Chan, besties! 

Wow, look at that!
Something that I have never seen before in this kind of exclusive parties!

Ah ha! Jessica Tan was there as well!

Drink and party like a boss!
Henry, right?

Look at that bunny head!
I want it!

This is my group of friends, some just met!
Happy partying with you guys!

Also get to camwhored with the performers! 

Club Asahi Miami was another awesome party!
Asahi is also one of the greatest beer, I would definitely want more!
Asahi Malaysia, thanks for the great party and we want something like that again!
Also thanks to Nuffnang for the passes!

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