Saturday, June 1, 2013

Spade's Burger @ Pekaka Square Penang

New burger in Penang!
I know there's been quite a number of burger shops and burger stalls sort of "Spamming" Penang Island.
But now there's one more I would like to let all of you know. 
Spade's Burger is now invading Penang!
The name "Spade" was taken from the poker cards.
Due to some issues, the boss were not able to get a exact location for the business yet, so it is now temporary located at Max Gourmet's Dim Sum shop, located at Pekaka Square.

It will be kinda difficult to spot the stall, but if you look carefully, you will be able to see the banner just right in front of the stall. 
The banner looks like this.

 This is why I said they named their shop after poker cards, even their waiting cards are printed in Spade's shape

This is their menu, which currently only Chicken patty and Pork patty available.
They are still going to come up with something different to surprise their customers, so just visit them more often to see what's new!

Okay, let's get back to our business.
This is burgers we are talking about!

Look at all these pork patties! Omg I'm so hungry right now!

 Pork patties and Charcoal buns are BURNING!
I can smell it even I stood so far at that time!

Some burgers came with bacon strips, cheddar cheese and so on.

They have their homemade sauce, which was very special and delicious!
And also their baked cherry tomatoes, so nice!

Porky Pair
Single pork patty with cheddar cheese and bacon strips.
Their homemade sauce was so special and tasty, just that it would be better if they were marinate their pork patty longer. The bacon made this burger tasted kinda good!

Spade's Hot Chick
Chicken thigh, cheddar cheese and bacon strips, this is super delicious!
Everything was perfect, the bacon, the cheese and the juicy chicken thigh together with the homemade sauce and tomatoes! Must order this!
Highly Recommended!

This was actually still a prototype and it is not available in the menu yet.
It tasted quite good and I really like this one! It was quite healthy as the patty were mostly mushrooms
I really hope that they will come out with this burger in their menu!

Full House of Pork
Same with Porky Pair, this is just a bigger version with double patties, double cheese and double bacons to fulfil bigger appetite. Obviously I can't finish it, because it is way too big for my stomach!

I get hungry everytime when I am looking at this picture, I bet nobody can resist those burger patties! 
The boss made this for our picture purpose, but if there are demands, the boss will sell this too!
Do you want it?!

These burgers look too good!
Must take a family photo for them!

Last but not least, a group picture of all bloggers and Spade's Burgers bosses 

Spade's burger is still new in this market and this location is temporary.
When they move to a new place, I will inform you guys again for the new location.

Spade's Burger
2-G-8, Pekaka Square, Bangunan Lip Sin,
11700 Penang.
+6016 2095789
Business hours: 1830 – 2300 (closed on Thursday)

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