Sunday, June 16, 2013

H-Artistry - Global Art of Mixing @ Spice Penang 2013

This post is all about the greatest party in Penang so far for 2013!
H-Artistry was simply awesome and the best party ever in my life!
I'm usually early for events or any dates, therefore I reached earlier this time as well.
Since I have got nothing to do, I can only snap pictures around.

There are always sexy brand ambassadors to work for Hennessy!

 Some pictures with the bloggers!

Hennessy practices Party Hard, Party Smart!

Some selfca time!

Julie Woon, Emcee for the night!

Anyone can take photo with them!

Dennis Lau and Alexis Chean

Julie Woon and us!

24 Herbs started the night!
It was like a concert and the hip hop was great!

Then Andy Murphy took over at about 11pm!
Bringing another wave of fun!

Nicole Chen took over at about 1am and then everybody just get high!

Iyvonne Lo, Minny Chan, Andrew Kam and Emily Chong!

Look at our sexy DJ! Nicole Chen!

Aiko and I

Jessica Tan, Andy Murphy and I!

Here some some pictures of the party people!

Alton Mark and Minny!

Other hot chicks!

Guess everybody is just happy! 

Met some friends too!

The ear is just cute isn't it?

Finally, met a friend that came all the way from KL!
Ryan, nice meeting you!

The night was pretty awesome and I would say that H-Artistry this year was the best party ever!
Don't miss out the next one!

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