Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tang Bo Fu @ All Season Place pt1

One of the local dessert have been spreading around Penang.
It was started at Raja Uda Penang, then slowly coming into Penang Island and to the whole Penang.
Now this new branch is located at All Season Place, Farlim Penang.

This new store is big, nice interior and comfortable.

They also have different promotions now, even set dinner and teatime set, all in affordable price.

These cats deco are so cute aren't they? I guess the owner is also a pets lover.
 We started with some warm dessert, then some snacks and food.

Stewed Pear with Chuan-Bei
RM 7.80
This dessert is not too sweet, even the pears are smooth and soft.
It suits even older people who have diabetes, definitely a good choice!

Salt Pepper Squid
This is one of my favourite dish in this restaurant!
The chewy feeling and crispiness is so addictive, you wont be able to stop once you have started!
Highly recommended!

Mix Fruits Chinese Herbal Pudding with Ice Cream
This Chinese Herbal Pudding is a bit bitter as the way it should be. Therefore, adding honey will be good for all these. Anyway, I prefer having this dish without the honey because the ice cream and also fruits are sweet enough to go with the herbal jelly. 
Must try!

Black Rice Soup Lotus Seed & Glutinous Balls
The rice ball is chewy, this dish is not too sweet, suits elderly as well.
It is best to have with their fresh coconut juice. 

Honeydew Mini Sago
Love the fresh honeydew balls which is naturally sweet. The chewy sago is also my favourite.
This dessert is just nice with the fresh honeydew juice.
Must try!

There are more dishes to come, please keep coming back for more!
This is one of the best dessert in Penang, and it is only available in Penang!

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