Monday, June 24, 2013

Tang Bo Fu @ All Season Place pt2

Continue from part 1 which was mentioning about other dishes, 

Here's a picture of the interior of the shop, yellow, warming, feels like home!

Stewed Papaya with Snow Fungus
Though the papaya been stewed with other ingredients for quite sometimes, it still maintained its shape and the smooth chewy feeling. This dessert is good for skin and lungs, recommended for those who loves to smoke or always stay outdoor.

Dragon Fruit Soy Bean Curd
Dragon fruit is always my favourite fruit. Fresh dragon fruit juice ice blended topped with fresh dragon fruit and the smooth soy bean curd is just a perfect match, yummy!
Must try!

Plum Sweet Potato Fries
This is one of their signature and best selling item, the sweet potato are naturally sweet but it tasted better with the plum powder and coating, definitely a must try!
Highly recommended!

Fish and Chips with Tartar Sauce
The homemade tartar sauce is definitely something that I would die for, it is just that the fried fishes were a little bit too hard, I guess I would ask for extra tartar sauce next time!

Mango Coconut Mango
Well, the chinese name of this drink may sounds weird, but the taste wasn't weird.
The coconut juice is fresh and it went perfectly with the fresh sweet mango.
Must try!

There are still another 2 posts from Tang Bo Fu coming up.
Well, good things worth waiting, so please stay tuned! 

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