Thursday, June 12, 2014

Invasion of into Penang Food Market!

People are getting busy in this new working life, some may skip lunch or some may just have bread or light meals for lunch.
But why do you have to do that when you have right now? is a food delivery company that you can order your food online and they will delivery your order to your doorstep! understand the needs of the people these days and therefore they came out with such services to make life easier.
Now let's try Foodpanda!

Firstly, you can go into the page and select your currently city and location to find the restaurants that are available for your area.

The range of products in are plenty. From pastries to desserts to anything, whatever products that you can find in restaurants or even desserts shops are available in FoodPanda. 
And guess what? 
It is not some unnamed restaurants that you will never heard that featured by FoodPanda, there are big restaurants like Italiannies, T.G.I Fridays, Starbucks and etc. Price range is differ by every restaurants depending on what you order.
Of course nothing comes free, there are a little charges on the delivery fee and there's also minimum order for the delivery. 

Then, you may choose your favourite restaurant to order your food or beverages.
You can see the total order on the right side of the screen and also the total amount that you need to pay.
Taxes will be imposed depending on the restaurant's requirements. 
Other than delivery, you can also choose to pick up your own order at the store.
Ordering from would have save you a lot of time from queuing up at the store and wait for the cooking time. 
There are 2 types of paying method, you can also pay with your Visa or Master cards, or you can also pay them with cash when you receive your order. 

What's good about FoodPanda?
You can order food from anywhere as long as you can access to their website. Other than website, they also developed their own mobile apps for you to order from your mobile devices or tablets. 
You may download their mobile apps by clicking the below pictures. Either the iOS version or Android version: 

Now, you can save time and avoid all the traffic jams by just going online and order your food & beverages.
Life can be a lot easier, and can be more productive when you use to order your food. 
You can continue to work while waiting for your food to arrive at your doorstep or office.
Furthermore, is not only available in Penang, but the whole Malaysia and also other countries!
You can also check for the nearest restaurants with

For all the available outlets in Penang, you may check out this link.
To check for other available region for, you guys may check out
What are you waiting for?
Try out today and let it amaze you!

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