Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kim Curry Penang White Curry Mee

I'm a big fan of all sorts of instant noodle.
But the Penang White Curry Mee is now a mainstream in this market, it is even listed in one of the Top 10 World Best Instant Noodle.
There are so many brands in the market and this is the one that I've received recently and tried on it.

Kim Curry Penang White Curry Mee, one of the latest brand in the market.

Kim Curry Penang White Curry Mee comes with a pack of 4, now available in most of the supermarket

All you need to do is just to read the cooking instructions that printed at the back of the packaging, and you can become a chef too!

When you unpack it, inside has got the creamer powder, the noodle and most importantly, the chilli!

Boil your water first, and add in your noodle, then cook for 3 minutes

After that, add in the creamer powder and chilli to the noodle, let it boil for another 45seconds to 1 minute, then serve.
Suggestions: You can add some vegetables, prawns or any ingredients that you want to make it tasted more delicious!

That's it, dinner is served!

When you are cooking it, you can already smell it in the whole house!

The noodle is rather tender, and the chilli is just nice, not too spicy like some other brands.

Kim Curry Penang White Curry Mee has the Penang style Curry Mee, it is specially designed for those who work at other states or foreign countries, you should really get a few packs or cartons back when you go back to work.
It has the traditional taste of Curry Mee which most of the Penangites or tourists couldn't resist.
It is so good that you just gotta try it to know how good it is.
It is now available at most of the supermarkets and also some mini markets.
Don't wait, just hurry up and go grab them now!
Thanks for the free samples by the way, it is such a great news for instant noodle lover like me!

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