Friday, June 13, 2014

The Bakery @ Sarkies Corner, E&O Hotel Penang.

Whenever people talk about eating at E&O Hotel, we will always think about the hightea session, or the variety choices of buffet dinner.
But now, E&O comes out with more options, so we have got more reason to visit Sarkies Corner.
Firstly, it is "The Bakery: Cakes & Pastries Straight From The Oven" that came to Sarkies recently may attract you to have some coffee or tea while enjoying cakes from a 5 star hotel.
There are variety of choices available for their pastries menu.

The Pavlova is topped with fresh strawberries and blue berries. Kinda love the combination of sweet and sour at the same time because some of the berries are rather sour than it looks. Having it with the sweet Pavlova is a good combination. 

Hazelnut Cream Puff
The cream puff is quite soft and the cream do really taste good. I really would prefer just the cream puff itself without the strawberries, as I am not really a fan of sour strawberries, they just made my desserts turned sour. I only like sweet desserts.

I've never tried this cake before, so this is my first time.
I kinda like the sponge cake layer inside the cake and also the pistachio flakes that sprinkled around the cake. This is quite a nice try for me and I do like this cake though. 

Choc Eclair & Fresh Strawberry Tart
As you can see, the pastries chef is trying to fully utilize the fresh berries that they got everyday. But the Choc Eclair was not bad though, especially the chocolate topping. As for the fruit tarts, it is also topped with sugar syrup that made it rather sweet but just perfect with the sour strawberries. 

Mango Chilled Cheesecake
They uses fresh mangoes in this cake, not just mango juice or some syrup. But one thing I realized is the mangoes that they used might be slightly too cooked and therefore it was a bit slimy. Overall the cheesecake was still pretty good as it looks, and I think the sweetness of the cake is from the mangoes though.

Dark Chocolate Mousse
I was told that I would go crazy for this if I am a chocolate, and yes I do. I really fell in love with this cake, all because I'm a chocolate lover too! The chocolate is so rich in this cake and it is not sweet, unlike the milk chocolate that normally used in cakes. Totally in love with this!

Choc Banana Cake
Chocolate and banana are always a good match in cakes or any types of desserts. The chocolate banana cake here is not disappointing at all. Love the moist in the cake that made every bites tasted so good as it melted in your mouth. Not forget to mention that this cake is not too sweet compare to the other cakes.

For sure Tiramisu should be include in the bakery time! What I like about the Tiramisu here is that they do not use any alcohol as they only serve halal food here, and the Tiramisu has coffee taste stronger than the vanilla or chocolate taste. Thumbs up!

Baked Cheese Cake
I never believe that this could be one of the favourite cake of the day until I took my first bite. I am totally in love with the cheesecake here. Firstly, it is not so sweet, and secondly it is soft and very cheesy. Not something that I would expect from the look of this cake. It surprised me! Must try!

Lemon Meringue
Last but not least, I also get to try their lemon meringue that looks so good. But it is really too sour that the moment I took my first bite into my mouth, my jaw feels sore and my friends all laughed at me, I am not really a fan for sour food nor drinks though. But it is still good to have this fresh, just try it.

 The pastry chef is rather friendly, he actually introduced all the cakes and pastries to us, and also posed for the picture.
 Not forget to mention that he is also a funny guy, picture tells.

As I think if you are looking for a place to hangout next time, Sarkies Corner @ E&O Hotel could be your another option. You can now enjoy yourself or hang out with friends in a 5 star hotel!
If you are worrying about the price, you are gonna be surprise if I were to tell you that you can have a slice of cake at only RM6++ in a 5 star hotel.
Yes, it is not a typo and you are not reading it wrongly, from as low as RM6++, you can enjoy a slice of cake at E&O Hotel.

The Bakery @ Sarkies Corner, E&O Hotel Penang
Available Daily from 11:00am - 9.00pm
Address:10 Lebuh Farquhar, 10200 Georgetown, Penang. 
Contact number: +604-222 2000
GPS: 5.4229102,100.3361025
Price: RM 12.00++ per slice of cake
Savour a cup of hot beverage with a slice of cake from RM 18.00++
Happy hour: 50% off bakery items from 6.00pm onwards

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