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Weekend Local Specialties & Ala Carte Menu @ Sarkies Corner, E&O Hotel Penang.

There are more local specialties that have brought into Sarkies Corner for their new menu.
They also have special weekend local specialties that only available during weekends.
Now we get to taste more local food even in a 5 star hotel, and they are all halal!

We all Penangites know that most of the local food stalls and street food are not halal, therefore whenever we have Muslim friends who came to Penang and look for local street food, we are always unsure of where to bring them.
But now, Sarkies Corner would be your another option that offers variety of Penang Local Specialties.
The ala carte menu is available daily from 11.00am to 11.00pm, so it is all day long and you can also have some cakes after your meals.
For cakes and pastries, you can visit my previous post at
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Now's let get back to our weekend specialties and the new items on the ala carte menu.

Sarkies Corner is no longer serving buffet dinner, it is now at Heritage Wing and only serve ala carte items.

Roasted Chicken & Duck Rice
Sarkies is always famous of their roasted duck, need not to mention about that, but the roasted chicken here is also nice. The are just well cooked, unlike some overcooked roasted chicken that are hard and dry. The roasted chicken and duck here are tender, juicy and yummy! 

Char Koay Teow
This is how E&O serves their Char Koay Teow, in banana leaf!
This look authentic enough, but not forget to mention that the Char Koay Teow here is still halal!
It is not bad compared to the non halal char koay teow though, just that they koay teow was a bit too soft, perhaps it was a bit overcooked.

Koay Teow Soup
Though you might say that the price is is more expensive compare to the street food. But you have to know that you are enjoying your food in a 5 star hotel, and the portion of the food is not street style at all. Like this bowl of koay teow soup, just look at how many ingredients they have added into their bowl and you will know how worth it is.

American Beef Burger
Apart from local specialties, they have also added some american style into their ala carte menu. This beef burger would be one of them. The beef patty looks rather thick, and very juicy. Served with fries and side vegetables too.

Mee Goreng Mamak
I have never expect that the mee goreng mamak here would taste so good. Especially they have added peanut flakes into the noodle that makes every bite crispy. It is just the mee mamak is not so spicy, I would prefer it to be more spicy though.

Beef Rendang
I am not a fan of beef as I don't take beef due to religion issue. But from the smell of this dish I can tell that the spices they used for the rendang do smells good. I would definitely try this if it is lamb or chicken.

Grilled Grass Fed Beef Sirloin
As you can read for the dish itself, the beef is a grass fed beef. I am pretty sure it is healthier compared to the normal beef then. Though I don't take beef, but I had the fried mushrooms and potatoes, they are pretty nice and it should be great with the sirloin, as previous I had it before with lamb shank in Farquar's Bar

Spaghetti Pomodoro
This is a tomato based pasta that is similar to bolognaise to me. The pasta was good as the herbs were mixed perfectly to bring the taste of the pasta to a better level than just an ordinary tomato sauce pasta. This sauce is not as heavy as bolognese and it tasted better than bolognese too!

Tagliatelle Carbonara
Tagliatelle is something similar to fettuccine but it is slightly thicker than that. The carbonara here is rather creamy, that is why the portion is only moderate, not too big or small. Which will be perfect for one person, or it might be too much for certain small appetite too. I really like the mushroom that they used in the carbonara.

Nasi Lemak
Classic type of nasi lemak is also one of their weekend local specialties that only available certain time. We don't get to try this out because it wasn't available on that day, but from the look itself would have attracted me to give it a try though.

Laksa Lemak
I still can't forget about the laksa lemak that I had in 32 mansion last time. But this one would be something similiar like that one. Just that I don't really like the long beans and bean sprout which are raw to be added into the laksa. I would prefer just the laksa noodle, fish and the laksa lemak soup then.

Penang Prawn Noodle
Another local specialties would be the Penang Prawn Noodle, of course this could not be skipped from the menu. But it is also too bad that we don't get to try this because this wasn't available on our visited week yet. It do really looks good though and I wish to try it. 

Other than just main dishes, they also have some traditional local dessert and finger food. Such the the Bubur Pulut Hitam that shown on the picture below. There are also glutinous rice balls that served with this dessert.

Pie Tee & Popiah
They also have crab meat pie tee in their menu, and also the traditional popiah. Both of the was not bad but they could be better if they were to serve more nyonya dishes to match with these two side dishes. I like the moist in the popiah and the crispiness of pie tee though. 

There are also outdoor seats for the smokers, and also for those who enjoy Penang seaview which is pretty awesome and stunning.

The chef of the day, he looks kinda strict but he is really friendly

Below is the weekend specialties menu, every week with different dishes:
Week 1: Roasted Chicken and Duck Rice, Popiah and Pie Tee
Week 2: Laksa Lemak and Bubur Pulut Hitam
Week 3: Penang Prawn Mee and Rojak Buah Buahan
Week 4: Nasi Lemak and Ice Kacang

Weekend Local Specialties & Ala Carte Menu @ Sarkies Corner, E&O Hotel Penang.
The Bakery @ Sarkies Corner, E&O Hotel Penang
Available Daily from 11:00am - 9.00pm
Address:10 Lebuh Farquhar, 10200 Georgetown, Penang. 
Contact number: +604-222 2000
GPS: 5.4229102,100.3361025
Price: RM 20++ per dishes, 10% service tax and 6% government tax applicable.

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