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Grand Opening of Mag Store Malaysia @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

Being one of the most popular mini supermarkets in Hong Kong. Mag Store has made it out from Hong Kong and opened their first outlet in Southeast Asia!
The first Mag Store Malaysia is located on the 5th floor of Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang. The store occupied a major space of Gurney Paragon Mall and it is located somewhere around the foodcourt. 

It was the grand opening of Mag Store Malaysia on 29th November 2015 and I was invited to visit the store and also try out some of the snacks available at the store too.
Many thanks for Gurney Paragon Mall management for the invitation, it was an honour to witness the grand opening of the store.

If you are coming up from the escalators of the backdoor of Gurney Paragon Mall, you will first see Mag Store when you reach the 5th floor. The store is pretty huge and very visible.

I-MAG in Mag Store is one of the snack counters that sells something very special! You will need to scroll down to find out what is it!

Mag Store Mini Supermarket, the first outlet in Penang and also the first outlet in Malaysia.

There were some programmes lined up for the grand opening.
First it was this very funny magician who managed to have attracted the crowds for his performance. He is rather humour and successfully got some attentions. I was pretty bored with his performance at first but were impressed the next minute. Quite entertaining I can say.

Special guests of the day were these 2 child artists Wilson Poh and Annabelle Tan Zi Lynn.
I guess most people know who they are cause when they appeared, a lot of people were cheering for them and said that they are very cute and adorable.
Photos below showed that Annabelle gave a thumb up to Mag Store Malaysia and said that their ice creams are very good and she love it very much. Where as Wilson were quite cool throughout the event.

The owner of Director of Mag Store Malaysia, Jackson Tan also gave a little gifts to Wilson and Annabelle. A token of appreciation for their attendance to the grand opening of the first Mag Store Malaysia.

Then it was the Ribbon-cutting Ceremony to mark the grand opening of Mag Store Malaysia by Jackson Tan(Director of Mag Store Malaysia), Andy Choi(CEO of Mag Store Hong Kong) and other VIP and guests.

There was this huge painting on the floor that features the cartoon theme of Alice in the Wonderland just right in front of Mag Store. This corner is kinda photogenic as the painting is actually 3D and it has attracted a lot of people to take photo with it.

There were a small seating areas for customers to enjoy their food and snacks purchased from Mag Store. The theme they have got is more to Kid's Wonderland, where it will bring imaginations and fantasy to the children while enjoying their snacks and ice cream in Mag Store.

I kinda like the butterflies on the wood surface pillar. They are colourful and made me felt like I was in wonderland.

Being the same concept as Mag Store Hong Kong, Mag Store Malaysia is basically a grocery store that major in imported goods. Their goods are mainly imported from Japan, Korea and Europe, but they do import products from other countries as well.

The store is fully stored with mainly food products. Mostly are imported snacks that rather attractive to me. All types of snacks are rather creative and tempting on their packaging and the products they are offering.

One of my favourite corner would be the instant noodle corner.
I know that it is unhealthy but yea, I'm a big fan of instant noodles!

Some daily use products are also available on the shelf, mostly are girls' products. 

Ah! Peppa Pigs! They are actually electronic fan with candy!
Cute aren't they?

Some seafood products, mostly were imported from Japan.
I've also spotted my favourite chocolate biscuits! The one that Crayon Shin Chan loves to eat!
Every box comes with sticker!

Remember the I-MAG i mentioned at the top of my post?
It was actually a counter in Mag Store that sells one of the most eye-catchy snacks in the store, the specialty Yoobi Ice Cream!
There were total of 7 flavours available at the counter and all the flavours for sure will catch your breathe away with their creativity.
The 7 types of flavours are named after every day in a week. 
Monday - Bitter
Tuesday - Sour
Wednesday - Sweet
Thursday - Salty
Friday - Spicy
Saturday - Love
Sunday - Unknown

If you are seeing something smoking, don't doubt your eyes!
This is how the ice cream presented at Mag Store.
To further enhance your senses, Mag Store have used the dry ice technic to prepare their ice cream. There will be dry ice placed in a separate cup and they will pour in Earl Grey tea to enhance the smell of the smoke that produced when dry ice intact with liquid. The whole process made the ice cream tasted better from visual, to smell to taste. Simply extraordinary

When Monday came bitter, chocolate was used in this flavour. Well it kinda justify how Monday blue is because it is usually kinda moody on every Monday. They have used Dark Chocolate Powder on top of the ice cream, it was rather bitter but the sweetness from the vanilla ice cream have neutralized it. And there is a syringe that filled with Mango Coated that made it rather attractive for kids and adults. Priced at RM12.50 each. 

Jumping to Wednesday, we had this salty ice cream that topped with Himala Salt priced at RM10.50.
This was my first time having a salty ice cream, the salt that melted with the ice cream made this whole ice cream salty and with the smell of Earl Grey from the smoke that came out from the cup, it is rather pleasant and delicious. 

Feeling challenged? Try this Spicy flavoured ice cream at the Mag Store!
The ice cream is topped with Wasabi Salt Powder to apply the spiciness and priced at RM12.50. It is rather surprising and very delicious at the same time! I was really impressed and this is definitely my top favourite among all flavours. I particularly love how this ice cream will surprise your tongue.
Definitely one of the best experiences ever!

Saturday is where you should be feeling in love with all the free time you've got!
Try this Sakura in Love ice cream at Mag Store for its extraordinary flavour! This was my first time tasting sakura and I find it a bit on the sweet side. The taste was not too strong, slightly tasted like chrysanthemum tea as well. For every Sakura in Love order, you will also get a Sakura jelly for free! Priced at RM11.50 each.

Not sure what to have for the day?
Go for the Unknown ice cream! It is one of the best seller in Mag Store as it attracts a lot of people who would rather get surprised by the store than making the decisions themselves. Priced at RM11.50, the ice cream is actually in Thyme flavour and topped with some flakes and a butter biscuit. I like the sweet side of the ice cream that tasted kinda like Earl Grey to me and the biscuit was just good to go with it. We all kinda like this flavour apart from the Wasabi flavour. Thumbs up!

The ice creams have successfully attracted a lot of attentions with the extraordinary presentations and they are so eager to try it out. Not forget to take pictures of the ice cream before consuming of course!

I also managed to capture some of the priceless emotions of kids and teenagers enjoying their ice creams. Look at all these happy faces when they are served with the delicious desserts!

Other than their signature Yoobi Ice Cream. Some of the snacks available at Mag Store are also their highlights. Featuring Japanese Style Takoyaki, Hong Kong Style Egg Puff and Korean Style Grilled Maruyaki

This counter definitely attracted a lot of customers with their live cooking!
Everything will be prepared fresh upon orders. It was my first time seeing how the Egg Puff (鸡蛋仔) was cook. Rather interesting I would say, and I believe it would be better if they were to come out with different flavours too.

The Egg Puff by Mag Store was rather soft and served warm. I believe it would be good to buy for tea time and to go with some coffee or tea. This Hong Kong signature snack is good for sharing for as the portion was quite filling. Selling at RM8.90 each, and I would love it even more if it is crispy. Never been to Hong Kong so I'm not sure how Hongkie serve it.
Photo model: Me, Selene & Kelly

Another focus would be on the Takoyaki!
I'm a big fan whenever it comes to live cooking, I can stand there for very long just to watch how the chefs prepare the dishes. Especially for unique dishes like this Takoyaki that requires a lot of skills and efforts. One wrong move could spoil the whole thing.

This would be my first time watching how they prepare grilled squid. I've seen it when I went to Hat Yai last time, but this is totally different. Instead of the typical dried grilled squid, they will grill the squid that properly seasoned on the sauce, then applied some sweet sauce with some chilli powder.

The takoyaki are best to have it hot, but do remember not to burn your tongue like I do, cause they are REALLY HOT though they look ok. The Grilled Squid were kinda chewy and spicy. Not suitable for kids but really friendly to Penangnites!

Look at those takoyaki, they really look ok until you put them in your mouth.
So becareful not to burn yourself. 

The goods are kinda attractive to us, hence I've also purchased quite some stuff but mostly are instant noodles imported from Japan and Korea available in Mag Store. What a fruitful day!

After the grand opening event, we proceeded to Penang on 6 @ 6th floor of Gurney Paragon Mall for their Penang Coffee & Desserts Festival 2015

Some homemade cookies are available, I've tasted them and they are real good!
You can contact Karen at 016-4148188 to grab some of them if you are planning for your Chinese New Year goodies!

Some of my favourite cafes like Macallum Connoisseur, Frank Laurent & Secawan "N" Such also set up their booth at the festival. Quite pleasant and of course I grabbed myself a cup of coffee from the great deals they have offered.

During the event, they also have art & craft stuff prepared for the kids and also some coffee tasting session to let the public know more about coffee. Quite interesting I would say.
Secawan's latest product, the Nitro-Coffee!
They look like Guinness Stout to me, and it was rather special, I might try it at their cafe next time!

Mag Store Malaysia now offers more products to Penangnites!
Now we can get more of the imported products even though we are staying in Penang!
We have been told that they are opening a second Mag Store in Queensbay Mall very soon too! So don't forget to head over for some goodies and must try their delicious Yoobi Ice Cream!

Grand Opening of Mag Store Malaysia @ Gurney Paragon Mall
Address: Lot.l5.l16 & L5.17, Level 5, Gurney Paragon Mall, Jalan Kelawei, 10250 Penang.
Business hours: Daily 10:00am - 10:00pm
Contact no: 04-6420 964
GPS: 5.437111,100.311872

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